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pendix can be most easily palpated by having the patient raise the right leg in an extended position, thus putting the psoas on the stretch. The author thinks it Where To Buy Zantac important that to palpate the appendix accurately, the other portions of the intestinal canal be correctly mapped out. He gives full details as to the accomplishment of this purpose. He speaks of sixteen cases of larvate appendicitis which he has diagnosticated. Hausmann says he is not yet fully convinced of the diagnostic value of sensitive- ness over McBurney's point. 5. Osteomyelitis Among Nurslings. — Mohr 662 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. describes two such cases, giving minute accounts of the astiolog],', the incidence and the cHnical course of the disease. In his first Order Zantac case there was a sclerotic osteomyehtis which Online Zantac was cured without functional disturbance. In the second case the functional result was good also, although the disease involved the hip joint and the epiphiseal line of the femur. 6. Cardiac Diagnosis. — De La Camp says the exact determination of the Zantac Mg size of the heart Zantac 75 Mg is indis- pensable to a conclusion as to its function. He speaks of the newer methods of palpation and per- cussion for the Zantac 150mg determination of relative heart dul- ness. In some cases, orthodiagraphic pictures proved serviceable. FORTSCHRITTE DFR MEDIZIN. February i, 190$. Cryoscopy of Transudates and Exudates. By SCHOENBORN. Cryoscopy of Transudates and Exudates. — Schoenborn's investigations included the study by this method of 20 cases of pleural and abdom- inal transudates and exudates, none of them be- ing purulent. The cases were under observation for months, before and after the fluid was with- Buy Zantac drawn by puncture. Control experiments were performed by radioscopy in many of the cases of pleural deposit. The following conclusions were reached: i. If the effusion was hypotonic, that Order Zantac Online is less concentrated than the blood serum, sponta- neous absorption resulted in three fifths of the cases; 2, in isotonic effusions the same result oc- curred ; 3, in hypertonic efifusion there was absorp- tion in only one fifth of the cases Zantac 150 ; 4, no particular difference was observed between transudates and exudates as to the degree of their concentration. February 20, 1905. 1. The Results of Attempts to Produce Immunity from Insanity by Pasteur's Method, By Beinstein. 2. The Early Diagnosis of Pregnancy. By Zantac Buy Piskacek. 3. Tubal Pregnancy with Coexisting Zantac 300 Mg Pyosalpinx, By HiTSCHMANN. 2. The Early Diagnosis of Pregnancy. — Pis- kacek observes that the signs of pregnancy which pertain to the foetus, the foetal heart sounds, the bruit of the umbilical cord, the determination of the various parts of the fcetus, and the fcetal move- ments are available only after pregnancy is far advanced. The signs which indicate the prob- ability of pregnancy, the cessation of the menses, the Zantac Online enlargement of the Purchase Zantac Buy Zantac Online uterus, Cheap Zantac the violet color of the mucous membrane of the vulva and vagina, the changes in the breasts, and the changes in the general condition ; these Zantac Coupon signs, when Purchase Zantac Online taken indi- vidually, do not infallibly indicate that condition, or even when they are combined, though in the latter instance the probability is very near to cer- tainty. These facts lend additional interest and importance to the early diagnosis of pregnancy, and the signs of that condition which relate to the sense of touch acquire especial significance. Hegar's sign is first cited, which consists in a softness and compressibility of the lower uterine segment, and can be demonstrated in about half the cases of pregnancy. Landau's sign, compres- sibility of the uterus at the tubouterine junction, is less frequently 300 Mg Zantac demonstrable. Another sign described by Hegar is the fold in the anterior uterine wall, caused by the contraction of the uterine muscle. This sign should not be too per- sistently sought, as it may be the means of effect- Zantac 150 Mg ing an abortion. Several writers have described as an early change in the uterus an asymmetrical

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