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February ist, Dr. William Henry Keller, aged forty-eight years. Parkhill.— In Howard, vermox australia N. Y.. on Thursday, January 2Sth, Dr. Reuben F. Parkhill, aged seventy-four years. Pirosh.— In Chicago, on Thursday, January 25th, Dr. Berthold Pirosh, aged fifty-six years. Porter. — In Philadelphia, on Tuesday, January 30th, Dr.. William G. Porter, aged fifty-nine years. New York Medical Journal INCORPORATING vermox for worms purchase vermox THE Philadelphia Medical Journal Tht Medical News A Weekly Review vermox tablet of Medtctne Vol. LXXXIII, No. 7. NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 17, 1906. Whole No. 1420. #ri£[inal S^ommuniralions. THE TREATMENT OF CEREBROSPINAL MENINGITIS.* By O. vermox syrup T. OSBORNE, vermox otc M. A., M. D., NEW HAVEN, CONN., PROFESSOR OF M.\TERIA MEDICA AND THERAPEUTICS AT YALE. The part of the discussion on cerebrospinal meningitis to buy vermox which I was appointed is patholog}' and treatment, Init as so much interest hes in the aetiology and manner of infection, and in the question of vermox online contagiousness of the disease, per- haps we cannot have too many expressions of opinion in order to arrive at the general belief. During the last year one could hardly find vermox price a medical journal that did not express views of vermox tablets both the contagiousness and noncontagiousness of cere- brospinal fever. My personal belief is that it is very mildly com- municable, no more communicable than pneu- monia or typhoid fever. By this I mean that the nurse or other person caring for a patient sick with cerebrospinal fever might acquire it by care- lessness order vermox in handling or caring for the nasal or throat secretions of the vermox worms patient, and the same is vermox suspension absolutely true of pneumonic excretions and of typhoid fever excretions. I do not wish to be understood as believing that cerebrospinal fever should not be classed as a reportable disease, but I do vermox for sale take the stand that it is no more a mebendazole vermox reportable disease than is pneu- monia, that it is no more communicable than is pneumonia, that a large majority of cases do not die, and that it is not contagious. In other words, I deplore the fear of the dis- ease that the public has been taught to have. We dare not tell a patient with cerebrospinal fever what the trouble is, and hardly dare confide it to his family, as such knowledge, on account of needless fear, detracts from his ability to re- cover. Predisposing causes of acquiring this disease arc, like pneumonia, unhygienic surroundings and a debilitated state of the system. The germs which cause this fever have been found in the nostrils and throats of perfectly healthy individuals, and the same individuals have remained well, showing that under normal • vermox oral suspension Read at a meeting of the New Haven generic vermox County Medical Asso- ciation, beld In Waterbury, Conn. conditions the germ is tolerated and that it is not rabidly infectious. An epidemic of this disease does not start vermox for children from a focus and vermox 100mg widen out, but is

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