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11-20 1 11-20 1 1 1 -211 61 10 13 1 1 20 10 5 Valacyclovir Valtrex 1 9 21 15 12 1 1 Public Health and Marine Hospital Service : List of Changes of Station Valtrex Buy and Duties of Commissioned and Non-Commissioncd Officers of the Public Health and Marine Hospital Serz'ice for the seven days ended January SI, 1Q06: Anderson, J. F., Passed 500 Mg Valtrex Assistant Surgeon. Assigned to duty in the Hj-gienic Laboratory; effective January 23, 1906. CoFER, Online Valtrex L. E., Passed Valtrex Purchase Assistant Surgeon. Letter granting leave of absence for twenty days from January 19th, amended to read twenty days from January 20. 1906. Collins, Geo. L., Valtrex To Buy Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of ab- sence for two days from January 22, 1906, under pro- visions of Paragraph 191 of the Regulations. CoRPUT, G. M., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted five days leave of absence from Januarj' 16, 1906, Valtrex Mg under provisions of Paragraph 191 of the Regulations. CoRPUT, G. M., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Directed to proceed to Kenner and Valtrex On Line other places in Louisiana for special Order Valtrex temporary duty. upon, completion of which to rejoin station in New Orleans, La. Grubbs, S. B.. Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted twenty- one days leave of absence from February 2, 1906. HoBDY, W. C., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Relieved Valtrex 500mg from Cheap Valtrex duty at Honolulu. Hawaii, and directed to proceed to San Francisco Quarantine Station and assume com- mand of the Service, relieving Passed Assistant Sur- geon H. S. Gumming. Kalloch, p. C., Surgeon. Reassigned to duty at Portland. Me., Quarantine Station. McLaughlin, A. J., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from Buying Valtrex temporary duty at Berlin, Germany, and directed to rejoin station at Naples. Italy. STE.JVRNS, W. L., Pharmacist. Granted five days extension of leave of absence from How To Order Valtrex January 27. 1906. Walerius, ^L^thias. Pharmacist. Granted thirty days leave of absence from February 15, 1906. Army Intelligence. Officio/ List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Deportment of the United States Army for the iveek ending February 3. 1906: BusHNELL, George E., Get Valtrex Major and Surgeon. Purchase Valtrex Granted thirty Valtrex Online days' leave of absence. Clarke, Joseph T., Major Buy Valtrex and Surgeon. Granted three months' leave of absence. Gandy, Valtrex Order Charles M., Major and Surgeon. Granted ten days' leave of absence. Grissinger, Jay W., First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur- geon. Leave of absence extended ten days. Roberts, Valtrex Buy Online William, First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to proceed from Fort Hamilton, N. Y., to

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