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was the stage of applicability of the Ochsner treatment, and by it offered the lowest mortality ; that cases com- ing to the buy trazodone online no prescription surgeon with buy trazodone sleep evidence of gradually subsid- ing synii)tonis should be deferred for a more favorable operative period ; that every interval or chronic case should be urged to the operating table ; that abscess cases should be given two safe operations rather than one hazardous one; that diffuse- peritonitis should have all accumulated dependent cavities primarily and care- fully incised and drained and not flushed, and second- arily the offending organ incised. Dr. buy trazodone Van Buren Knott, of Sioux City, Iowa, fol- lowed with a paper in which he set forth his ideas at great length concerning the management of appendi- citis based ii])on one thousand operations. Extrauterine Pregnancy. — Dr. J. W. Andrews, of Mankato, Minn., read a paper on this subject, in which he reported having operated upon a woman who was ten weeks pregnant ; buy trazodone hcl the sac ruptured, and the opera- tion was delayed thirty-six hours. The case generic trazodone cost was re- ported in detail. The steps of the operation he per- formed were not very different from those of an ordi- nary laparotomy. He counseled accuracy and rapidity in operating in these cases, and emphasized the neces- sity in many cases of thrusting the hand down through the pool of blood and securing the bloodvessels before attempting to mop out or otherwise remove the blood and clots. He thought drainage, as a buy trazodone uk rule, should be employed after laparotomy for extrauterine pregnancy. Postclunacteric Haemorrhages; Their Cause and Treatment. — Dr. A. L. Wright, of Carroll. Iowa, called attention to the frequency of the occurrence of post- climacteric hemorrhage after the menopause. He spoke of how often it generic trazodone online was passed over slightingly, with the thought that it was incident to the woman's age, until grave complications buy trazodone 50 mg were at hand, or the true cause — carcinoma in most instances — was so far advanced as to place the patient beyond the pale of surgical aid. He called attention to the trazodone cost without insurance several changes that took place in the uterus at this time and caused h;eniorrhage. The trend of the argument was to early recognize the pathological changes taking place in the uterus, and if in doubt remove the organ rather than take chances that would invariably result in death. Gunshot Injuries of the Stomach. — Dr. J. N. War- ren, of Sioux City, Iowa, gave the history and analysis of 144 cases of gunshot injury of the stomach. He spoke of the character and situation of the lesion in tmcomplicated cases in determining the prognosis. The time elapsing between the time of injury and the opera- tion showed that how much do trazodone cost the earlier the operation was per- formed the more favorable was the result. In compli- cated cases generic trazodone 50 mg the number of lesions found and viscera in- jured added to the gravity of the case. He spoke of the results in the cases that were not treated by opera- tion. The presence of food in the stomach with the discharge of the same into the abdominal cavity added to the danger of buy trazodone hydrochloride general peritonitis, either with or without operation. The Symptoms of Spinal Disease. — Dr. S. C. Bald- win, of Salt Lake City, Utah, cheap trazodone no prescription called attention particu- larly to the early symptoms of spinal disease, in order that suffering might be earlier relieved and deformity avoided. The general or more common symptoms, and then such symptoms as rigidity, the gait, pain, paraly- sis, abscess, etc., were considered. The symptoms generic trazodone hcl differed when different regions of the spine w-ere in- volved. For instance, in the cervical region the first symptom noticed might be pain in the head, and, according to Whitman, earache might be a symptom of cervical disease. Before there was any sign of deformity the patient might complain of difficulty in swallowing, and buy trazodone generic even in breathing. In disease of the cervical region there might be, and often was, grunt- ing respiration. Such general symptoms as weakness, loss of appetite, loss of weight, rigidity, and general change of gait in walking, were trazodone discount coupon apparent in disease of all parts of the spine. The writer has seen cheap trazodone a nuniter of cases of Pott's disease developing in patients over forty years of age. and two cases which he recalled developed after fifty. Weakness might show itself in a general drooping of the trunk, in how much does trazodone cost an unsteady and stumbling gait, and in exhaustion requiring rest after the slightest exertion. Drainage of the Male Pelvis. — Dr. William Jepson. of Sioux City, Iowa, read a paper on this subject, in which he pointed out the indications for drainage of the male pelvis and spoke of the obstacles in the way of instituting such drainage as compared with the female pelvis. He described a method of insti- tuting drainage of the male pelvis, and reported the results he had obtained in nineteen cases. In all these cases there existed a diffuse pelvic peritonitis, with accmnulations of purulent fluid often elevating the distended bowel high into the abdomen, and in two cases ascending between the mesentery and descending colon and buy trazodone online uk overflowing from the pelvis into the left subrenal fossa, which was also opened and drained. In all but five cases free pus existed in the space to the

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