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the other hand, there seemed no doubt that the State would gradually increase the standard as the progress of medical science demanded. This would Chlorpromazine Thorazine not be done for the sake of physicians, but for the sake of its citi- zens and the better protection of their health. Mr. McKelway looks forward with confidence to the time when the State might even provide medical education. This would not be in our generation or in the generation immediately following, but there seemed no doubt of its coming. Greater Publicity in Medicine. — Ex-President Grover Cleveland maPurchase Thorazine opportunities for money making by constantly laboring for the health of Order Thorazine the community. He pleaded, however, for more pub- licity in the relationship of physicians to human ills, Buy Cheap Thorazine and for the exchange of more confidences between physicians and their patients. He did not think the people should be called in consultation in their own illnesses, but they should have more of an idea of what was done for them and to them. People did not like to think of their physicians as veiled prophets or mys- terious attendants, but claimed responsive ministrations and sympathetic assurance. In this day of fear of trusts it was not surprising that there should be the feeling lest also medical practice should become a trust, and as it had been found that the greatest safeguard against the trusts was publicity, so the demand for more confidential relations between physicians and pa- tient should be listened to. Simultaneous Extrauterine and Intrauterine Preg- nancy. — Dr. J. Thorazine 50 Mg F. Whitbeck, of Rochester, reported a case of extrauterine pregnancy in which rupture took place about the eighth week. An abdominal section was made and the distended tube removed, with liga- ture of the vessels. Seven months later the Thorazine 100 Mg woman gave birth to a healthy male child at full term, and it was evident that a double pregnancy had occurred at about the same time, one within and the other with- out the uterus. Notwithstanding the operation, the regular course of Generic Thorazine the pregnancy was not disturbed, showing how thoroughly conservative Nature could be in her processes, even at so important a time as dur- ing pregnancy. Extrauterine pregnancy was much more common than was formerly Thorazine Bipolar thought, and, while more frequently brought to attention by rupture before the eighth week, it might go on for months Order Thorazine Online or to full term. Breast Cancer was the subject of a paper by Dr. Robert F. W'eir, of New York (to be published). Dr. .'Vbraham Jacoei, of New York, said that many patients suffering from " inoperable " cancer might be made much more comfortable and their existence pro- longed by internal treatment. For this Purchase Thorazine Online purpose he had found methylene blue in pill form an excellent remedy. It Thorazine Chlorpromazine Buy Thorazine Online should be given at the beginning four pills a day, say, in half grain doses. This might be gradually in- February Thorazine Iv 10, 1906.] PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 319 I creased until six or even eight grains a day were taken. Methylene blue had an effect upon the kidneys which must be counteracted. This was best done by means of belladonna. Of Buy Thorazine the extract of belladonna, three fourths of a grain a day might be given. In combina- tion with the methylene blue arsenous acid was often of service. Strychnine was indicated when the patients were weak. This treatment might be continued for two or three years. Dr. Jacobi had had patients live as long as Thorazine Uses six years. In some cases, where the tumors had been quite palpable at the beginning of the treat- ment, they could no longer be felt. Dr. WuirnECK said that the surgeon who removed only glands that were palpable made a mistake Thorazine 200 Mg ; more patients had been lost on account of this than from anything else in the treatment of cancer. As Thorazine Online soon as an enlarged gland was noted after an operation it should be removed without delay, so as to avoid infec- tion. Convalescence After Abdominal Section. — In this paper Dr. Frederick Holme Wiggin, of New York, said that many people Thorazine 25 Mg were deterred from submitting to an operation by fear of the discomfort which fol- lowed for so many weeks. Much of this could be avoided by special care. He detailed some of his meth-

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