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had been exemplary, normally exhibited casts *in the urine. In order to determine the relation between the ingestion of spices and other condiments which might irritate the kidney, and the appearance of casts in the urine under apparently normal conditions, Philosofoff experimented on four individuals to whom he gave pepper, onions, mustard, and small doses of alcohol and turpentine. The results of these experiments showed that the ingestion of these substances was followed by an increase in the various casts and cellular ele- ments in the urine. It seems, therefore, that in these cases an increase of the plwsiological condition was produced by the irritant foods Suhagra Online rather than the appearance of a pathological condition. The origin of both hyaline casts and cylindroids is Buy Suhagra apparently iden- tical, and when hyaline cylindroids are present in large numbers they also are pathological. There is no doubt in the author's mind that the Buy Suhagra Online Cheap Suhagra appearance of casts in limited numbers is a purely physiological phenomenon. 2. Surgical Notes of the Eusso-Japanese War. — Vraden says Suhagra Tablets that in the present conditions of warfare surgical aid on the field of battle is practically out of the question. Under the shower of Cipla Suhagra 100 projectiles in the firing line there can only be self help and mutual help, so far as the soldiers are concerned. The first aid packet now supplied to each soldier has proved of the greatest benefit Suhagra 50 in the war, but of Suhagra 50 Mg course, this packet is snjall and can only be used for comparatively simple injuries. The packet, as given now, is antiseptic rather than aseptic, and this is correct, because it is applied under the most adverse conditions ; with dirty hands, amidst clouds of dust, upon a dirty skin, and may be left in place for an indefinite time. The removal of the wounded and their subsequent fate depends largely upon the issue of the battle, and the removal of the wounded during the battle is a process devoid of hu- manity and of sense. It is better, therefore, to allow the lightly wounded to leave the ranks as best they can, seeking the cover of the nearest bandaging Generic Suhagra sta- tion, while the Suhagra 100mg severely wounded must have their fate decided by the issue of the battle. GAZETTA Suhagra Price DEGLI OSPEDALI E DELLE CLINICHE January 7, IQ06. 1. Contribution to the Study of the Nervous Complica- tions of Typhoid in Infancy, By G. B. Ai.i.aria. 2. A Clinical Note on a Case of Chronic Spasm in the Region of the Accessory Nerve of Willis, Due to Malaria, By Andrea Conti. ,?. The Clinical Significance of CEdemata, By TORRINDO SiLVESTRI. 4. The Influence of Adrenalin Ansmia Upon the Course of Local Infections, By Dario Maracliano. 5. Experimental Researches Upon Syphilis, By Francesco Simonelli and Ivo Bandi. 6. How to Obviate the Unpleasant Effect of a Protracted Treatment with Bromides. By C. S. Materazzi. 7. The Therapeutical Value of Ether Compresses Suhagra For Women in the Treatment of Strangulated Hernias, By Egisto Curti. 3. Significance of (Edemas. — Silvestri discusses the meaning of wdenias. The transudation of serum into the bronchi, the intestines, etc., Suhagra Tablet in these conditions is analogous, according to Cantani and others, to the transudation of fluid into the closed cavities and the subcutaneous tissue. Qidema, according to Silvestri, should not be considered as a Suhagra Cipla symptom, but as a means of defense of the system which paradoxically may in itself be injurious. The ideal treatment of oedemas is derivation through the intestine, both in superficial ccdemas and in dropsy. In applying this treatment we simply follow the way pointed out by nature. This view is contrary to that of Taruella and Order Suhagra others who regard oedemas as signs of functional decline Suhagra 100 of the organism. It is true that in chronic disease of the kidneys or of the heart the Suhagra 100 Cipla appearance of dropsy and redema are signs of the decline of the defensive pow- ers of the organism, but Taruella is wrong when he says that the deposit of serous fluid containing poisons is purely a passive phenomenon, because if this were so. the amount Cipla Suhagra of oedema would always be proportion- ate to that of renal retention or to the degree of ob- struction in Suhagra In India the circulation. 5. Experimental Researches Upon Syphilis. — Simonelli and Bandi inoculated a young female ape of the genus Semnopithecus with material obtained from a perianal hypertropic papule from a syphilitic. On the twenty-fourth day after inoculation a dark red lenticular papule, surrounded by a faint area of con-

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