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tions which had been carried on for several genera- tions. The histological changes are such as buy strattera online cheap have also been observed in man, and show conclusively that the process is not dependent upon inflammatory processes, but represents actual tumor growth. The change can- not be one from carcinoma to sarcoma cells, but un- doubtedly represents an irritation of primal origin. Haaland inoculated mice with warmed material from a mixed tumor, and found a decided diminution in the growth of the inoculated tumor. The sarcomatous tissue showed cheaper alternatives to strattera a considerable mixture of giant cells. 4. Diagnostic Puncture. — Salomon employs a sharp needle in a blunt canula for puncture of the abdomen. After the withdrawal of the needle, a small catheter is inserted through which the fluid is withdrawn for examination. 8. Diffuse Purulent Peritonitis. — Bosse asserts that timely operation is still the best prophylactic measure against peritonitis. He reports twelve patients with purulent peritonitis, of whom all died except one, a two year get strattera cheaper old child, in spite of all possible surgical and medi- cal measures. The author says that the specific sera have not yet accomplished much. Crede's silver salts have been of some use, especially enemata of one to 100 solution of itrol, repeated twice daily. Infusion of normal saline solution is useful and strattera prescription price an important adjuvant to treatment. The intraabdominal employ- strattera 25 mg street price ment of poisons or antiseptics is warned against, and the author utters a caution against the use of opium which can bring about an apparent improvement. MUENCHENER MEDIZINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT January 16, igo6. 1. Pyelography, By F. Voixker and A. Lichtenberg. 2. Stones in strattera cost 40 mg the Ductus Choledochus, By H. Ehret. 3. Digalene, By K. Grassmann. 4. Examination of the Stomach and Intestines by the Rontgen Ray, By H. Rieder. 5. Treatment strattera 40 mg street price of Supracondylar Fractures of the Humerus strattera costs without insurance with Bardenheuer's Extension Apparatus. By SCHKECKER. 6. Claim, By Labhardt. 7. Purulent Collections in Douglas's Cul de Sac, By R. Morian. 8. The Origin of Tumors, By Ritter. 1. Pyelography. — \'61cker and Lichtenberg pass a ureteral catheter carefully into the pelvis of much does strattera cost canada the kid- nev anil then inject cheapest price strattera a warm five per cent, solution of coilargal solution through the catheter. By the Ront- gen ray the form of the pelvis and meter could be easily made out. After the exposure the pelvis is washed with a warm boracic acid solution and the catheter withdrawn. The authors believe the method useful for the diagnosis of dilatation, strattera price australia kinks and dis- placements of the renal pelvis and ureter, cheap generic strattera and of anom- alies and tumors of the kidney. 2. Choledochus Stones. — Ehret says that gallstones confined to the ductus choledochus evoke three charac- teristic symptoms: I, High temperature; 2, the pres- ence of jaundice; cheaper alternative strattera 3, the absence of pain in the hepatic region. He narrates two cases in which the diagnosis was confirmed by operation. cheapest strattera 7. Pus Collections in Douglas's Cul de Sac. — Morian summarizes as follows: Pus collections in the cul de sac of Douglas are usually part of a general peritonitis most frequently originating in the appendix. They arise from the exudation of serous efTusion loaded with bacteria from the appendix into the cul de sac. can i buy strattera online They usually develop about a week after the attack of appen- dicitis, and have little influence upon the pulse or tem- perature. They can be recognized by signs of pressure and inflammation about the rectum. The author rec- ommends emptying the abscess as soon as the diag- nosis is made by an incision through the anterior rec- tal wall. Perineal and parasacral incisions are the best for inflammations of the pelvis and the pelvic connec- tive tissue. ZENTRALBLATT FUER CHIRURGIE. January 7j, j()o6. 1. Resection of the Shoulder Joint, By A. Catterina. 2. Intestinal Obstruction Due to Gallstones, By F. Fink. 1. Resection of the Shoulder Joint. — Catterina says that a rational method for cheapest strattera online this operation must do you need prescription strattera include : I, Safety, so cheapest place buy strattera that no important vessels or nerves shall be injured; 2, ease of execution; 3, vision of all ex- posed portions of the joint; 4, practicability for all order strattera online canada cases. He then describes an operation of his device by

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