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.Apoplexy 12 15 17 Bright's disease 37 34 40 Bronchitis 22 31 18 Consumption 81 63 76 Cancer 27 22 25 Convulsions 16 14 buy suprax 10 Diphtheria 4 11 9 Heart disease 37 42 50 Influenza 6 2 suprax injections 4 Measles 2 8 1 Nervous diseases 27 17 '''^ Pneumonia lOfi 103 15(1 Scarlet fever 2 1 Smallpox 2 3 Suicide 7 11 11 Typhoid fever 5 4 suprax injection s Violence (other tlian suicide) 25 29 2.'> Whooping suprax mg cough 9 11 .411 other causes 132 108 120 Smallpox continues to pick out the non-vac- cinated with unerring certainty. Of the 22 new cases sent to the Isolation Hospital during the week none had ever been revaccinated since earlv childhood and 17 suprax antibiotic for children had never been vaccinated at all. Of the 5 who had been once vaccinated in child- hood the youngest was 26 years old ; four of the non-vaccinated were children under the school suprax tablets age of 6 years. Since the beginning of the year 232 cases of the disease have been discovered and removed to a hospital ; of suprax generation these, 34, or 14.6 per cent., died ; 108 were discharged, recovered ; 90 remain under treatment. The record is a sad commentary antibiotic suprax upon the criminal folly of generic suprax those who neglect vaccination. The Osteopathic Bill Favorably Reported by the Senate Committee on Judiciary at Albany. — Objections to this bill have been summarized as follows : First. Osteopathy, so called, is an agent or method used in the treatment of disease, and is included in the genera! suprax antibiotics practice of medicine. Second. suprax cefixime tablets Osteopathy should not be made a special branch of medicine, by an act of the legislature, but should come under the present State laws, which govern all the special branches as well as the general practice of medicine. Any licensed physician has now the right to practice osteopathy as a specialty Third. The legislature should protect the public by deny- ing the endorsement of the State to any person, as being capable of treating the diseases of the human body, unless such person can make a diagnosis of the condition of the human body, to do which requires a full knowledge of the science of medicine as purchase suprax taught suprax 400 mg tablet in the medical colleges of this State, including the use of drugs and other valuable therapeutic suprax 400mg agents. Fourth. If the so called osteopathic bill becomes a law all candidates who fail to pass the Regents' examinations to obtain a license to practice inedicine in this State may in this State treat all diseases of the human body by holding a diploma from any regular osteopathic college in the United States, a privilege which would lower the standing of this State in the educational suprax cefixime world. And finally it would be more reasonable for the legisla- ture to separate the special branches of criminal, corpora- tion, and buy suprax online real estate law from order suprax the general practice of law suprax 100 and establish for each of them a special examining board, so as to make it easier for the candidates for admission to the bar who desired to practice as specialists, than it would be for the legislature to select one special therapeutic agent used in the treatment of disease and separate it from the general practice of medicine as a panacea for all diseases at the request of those enthusiasts who now ask for a special osteopathic examining board. Appointment at the Government Hospital for the Insane. — The United States Civil Service Commission announces an examination on April 26 and 27, 1905, to secure eligibles from which to make certification to fill a vacancy in the posi- tion of physician (female) in the Government Hospital suprax cefixime 400 mg for the Insane, Washington, D. C, at $1,500 per annum and quarters, and vacancies as they may occur in any branch of the service re-

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