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312 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. [New York Medical Journal. treatment more or less speedily, to recur, however, in some cases, under conditions similar to those under which it first appeared. The presence of both sugar and albumin in the urine indicates serious disturbance in the metabolic processes, calling for relief to the nervous strain which the patient may have been under- going, and an adjustment as far as can be of his en- vironment, but under favorable conditions these pa- tients may continue in at least fair average health for many years. 4. Chemiotaxis, — Barratt summarizes his observa- tions on chemiotaxis as follows: I. Paramcecia pass readily into tubes containing acid and alkaline solu- tions of sublethal concentration, but pass still more readily into control tubes containing the same liquid as that in which the paramcecia are immersed. 2. Only negative chemiotaxis appears to be exerted by acids and alkalies upon paramcecia. This negative chemio- taxis is marked in alkaline solutions of lethal concen- tration, and is slighter in acid solutions of lethal con- centration. 3. There is no parallelism between (a) the lethal concentration of acids and alkalies for para- mcecia, and (b) the chemiotaxis of paramcecia in re- spect of acids and alkalies. 4. The taxis of paramcecia is modified when these organisms are transferred from ha}' infusion to distilled water. 5. Chemiotaxis is not to be explained simply by reference to the acidity or alkalinity of the solutions employed. Mere change of concentration is an important factor in its production. 6. Negative chemiotaxis does not necessarily indicate that the liquid tested acts injuriously upon the organ- isms employed. 6. Lead Poisoning from Electrolysis. — Roberts re- ports a case of lead poisoning, caused by water used for drinking purposes, it containing 0.14 grains of lead to the gallon. On investigation it was found that the water was supplied through a lead pipe, the interior of which showed patches of lead carbonate, due to electrolysis. The lead pipe was crossed by an electric cable passing about eighteen inches above it. At this point in the cable there was a leak of 1.8 volts, suffi- cient to cause the electrolysis. 7. Trypsin and Cancer. — Beard's experiments were undertaken to determine the action of trypsin upon the living cells of a carcinoma. To this end mice suffer- ing from Jensen's mouse tumor were injected with suitable amounts of trypsin. On killing the mice every single tumor cell was found to be in degeneration. The somatic tissues (leucocytes and connective tissue stroma cells) were quite normal. It appears to be certain that the action of trypsin upon the cancer cell is to pull down the cancer albumin — a living substance — and the cancer ferment (malignin) produced by this. In ad- dition to their confirmation of the conclusion that tryp- sin is the substance which will destroy the cancer cell with ease and without danger to the individual, these experiments go far to prove that in its nature cancer is neither germinal nor somatic, for trypsin, the archi- tect of the soma, does not in life destroy the soma or sexual individual or its sexual products, whilst its ac- tion is direct and utterly ruinous upon trophoblast or asexual generation. LANCET. January 20. igo6. 1. The Practical Diagnosis of Diseases of the Skin, By W. Evans. 2. Bradycardia and Cardiac Arrhythmia Produced by De- pression of Certain of the Functions of the Heart, By J. Hay. 3. On the Relief of Certain Headaches by the Adminis- tration of One of the Salts of Buy Sildalis Calcium, By G. W. Ross. 4. Remarks Upon the Surgery of the Common Bile Ducts, By B. G. A. MoYNiHAN. 5. Primary Pneumococcus Peritonitis, Bv W. C. G. ASHDOWNE.

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