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of copper sulphate is not altogether harmless, while a one per cent, solution of mercuric chloride is buy cheap silagra harm- less and is equally good in its curative results. Cop- per citrate is apparently harmless, and is devoid of the objectionable features of copper sulphate. General anaesthesia is unnecessary, cocaine hydrochlorate, in solid form, answering every requirement. 5. Two Cases of Pseudoleucaemic Anxmia of In- fancy. — Sill reports two cases of pseudoleucKmic anae- mia. One baby died while the other silagra uk seemed to silagra price im- prove. Its treatment was a proper diet, cod liver oil, and Fowler's solution. With the x ray, which is said to have been used with marked benefit and some cures, the author had no experience. Holding and Warren have collected twenty-two cases treated this way, 27 per cent, being symptomatically cured, 59 per cent, improved, and 14 per cent, unimjiroved or fatal. From these statistics x ray treatment seems to have been successful. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL January 20, 1906. 1. 1 lie Treatment of Arteriosclerosis, By Sir J. Barr. 2. The Significance of Small Quantities of Sugar and Albumin in the Urine, By R. W. Burnet. 3. Clinical Estimation of buy silagra uk Purin Bodies in cheapest silagra Gouty Urines, By I. silagra 50 W. Mall. 4. On Chemiotaxis, By J. O. W. Barratt. 5. ilic Diagnostic Value of X Rays, By J. M. Davidson. 6. Lead Poisoning from Electrolysis of Water silagra online Pipes, By G. A. E. Roderts. 7. The Action of Trypsin cheap silagra Upon the Living Cells of Jen- sen's buy silagra online Mouse Tumor. .'\ Preliminary buy silagra Note Upon a Research Made (with a Grant from the Carnegie Trust). By J. Beard, 1. Arteriosclerosis. — Barr states that the most potent disease in the production of arterial degenera- tion is syphilis. Typhoid fever plays a considerable part in the induction of the disease, as do acute rheuma- tism, diphtheria, septicaemia, influenza, malaria, etc, Tlie generic silagra writer has for some time suspected the toxine of the colon bacillus as being an important factor; exam- ination of the blood of order silagra online arteriosclerotics shows that in 55 per cent, of the cases it gave complete agglutina- tion with the colon bacillus, as compared with only 20 per cent, with the blood from persons free from arterio- sclerosis. Among silagra tablet mineral poisons lead nnist be men- tioned, as having a direct action on the bloodvessels and kidneys. High arterial tension being the precursor of arteriosclerosis, all pressor agents such as coffee, lea, digitalis must be looked on as playing a part in the causation of the disease. Although alcohol is cred- ited as one of the most potent factors in arteriosclerosis, it silagra 50 mg really has but little to do with it, except as it leads to the production of gout. The excessive use of nitrog- enous foods kills more adult men than alcohol — the mischief being due to the waste products. The disease is essentially one of order silagra late adult life, and differs from senile vascular degeneration ; it is much more common in men than in women, they suffering more frequently from .syphilis, having more mental worry, and being subjected to more physical strain. Repeated pregnan- cies often lead to the disease. Long continued expo- sure to cold leads to degenerative changes in the peri- pheral vessels. American men, as a race, are especially prone to the disease. The diet is of the silagra cipla greatest im- portance ; it should be silagra 100 mg of low proteid value, as adults perform their muscular work with carbohydrates. How to eat is as important as what to eat. One should silagra tablets never eat until he has an appetite, then eat slowly, masticate thoroughly, and never eat to repletion. Ex- ercise is of the greatest importance; so long as the exercise is not excessive for the individual, the more one gets purchase silagra out of doors the better. A course of baths often does much good. The author rarely prescribes digestive agents or hypnotics ; failure to eat or sleep requires treatment, not palliation. The thyreoid prep- arations are extremely useful, and iodine is often even more valuable. The latter is best given, as tincture or syrup of iodine. .-Vdrenalin and the chlorides are pres- sor agents and should never be given alone. Nitrites are useful in emergencies, but their effects arc too evanescent for continued use. The benzoates frequent- ly give excellent results, especially where the kidneys are involved. 2. Albuminuria and Glycosuria. — Burnet states that the presence of albumin in any appreciable amoimt in the urine is not normal or physiological, but that it does not necessarily imply coarse pathological change. The presence of sugar in the urine in any appreciable quan- tity is abnormal, in the young it is of serious import, and if persistent it is likely to lead on to diabetes. In people past middle life and especially in those of gouty type, it is of less consequence and usually yields to

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