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and favorable decision could issue at the cost only of same a second certificate that should be properly filed by the applicant with the district clerk of his county in order to buy cheap cyproheptadine perfect his legality. Should the examining board of the second State doubt the thor- oughness of the grading of the first State board the second need but demand from the secretary of the first the papers of the applicants for reviewal. The expense of and compensation for the national board could be met by a small additional applicant's fee, which nationally would yield a fitting sum. I do not believe this idea a Utopian one. I be- lieve it to be a tenable suggestive system, just and effective. order periactin online It is a method which will destroy ex- isting friction between boards, and between boards periactin uk and applicants and yet accomplish periactin price the present pur- pose of all present State medical laws, i. e., the sim- ple proving of the medical and moral fitness of a new addition to the medical profession of buy cheap periactin the State, before permitting him to act as a competitor to the members of the State medical board. Dr. Harnett Hooper, of Johmtown, Pa., says: To the medical practitioner, who has been out of college ten years, and who then removes to another State from that in which he was licensed, the State buy cyproheptadine board of examiners is a tremendous bugbear. He then begins to consider reciprocity. Every physician knows more about his profession after years of experience than when he first came from college, but he cannot in many branches pass as good an examination. Every State should hold examinations. cheap periactin Having 300 OUR READERS' DISCUSSIONS. [New Tobk Medical Jodrnal. once passed the ordeal and purchase periactin received the license, why should it cyproheptadine 4mg be necessary to go periactin buy online over it again or again if we move? Is it a fair deal — either to the physician or the State? Therefore reciprocity is needed to benefit buy periactin uk both the profession and the States. At present every State has its own board of ex- aminers, who make the examination questions and settle the other requirements necessary for a license. These requirements are so different in each in- dividual State that the separate States do not as a rule feel justified in endorsing each other's cer- tificate. If order cyproheptadine each State board should be represented, let us say, once in two years at a buy periactin national meeting, where all examination questions, percentage and other re- quirements cyproheptadine 4 mg should be considered and approved ; then let each State board abide buy cyproheptadine online by these decisions and the whole matter is settled. Of course each order periactin State board must approve of the requirements and examinations of the others. If these are approved every State will be willing to cyproheptadine hydrochloride endorse any license received through them. Let every applicant pay whatever fee is required by that State and present at the same time cre- dentials of good moral character. The secretary of the board of examiners should be given the authority to endorse the periactin 4 mg license given by any other State at any time when properly pre- sented, as tiie waiting six months by a physician who has moved from one State to another between the dates of the regular examinations often pro- duces the greatest inconvenience. Until such a time as this plan could be arranged and put in op- eration, why not have some body of physicians from all parts of the country, for example, the American Medical Association, approve of certain rules and questions which shall govern the examina- tions and granting of licenses. Let each State ac- cept these and accept each other's acceptances by en- dorsing the license of each other. Dr. Burdett O'Connor, of Mackay, Idaho, writes: The question of interstate reciprocity can vmder existing conditions never be satisfactorily or amic- ably settled. The " holier than thou " proposition will always crop out among present boards. To a layman and to all fair minded periactin online professional men and women it seems ridiculous that the dif- ferent States or Territories over which " Old Glory " floats should not be upon an equal medical

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