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culosis, but probably made it the safest institution of any kind wherein diseases in general are treated. The treatment as applied here is upon the rational lines ; no attempts at specific medication are made. Breathing exercises are allowed only in the case of patients with slight disease which is absolutely quiescent, and in this class of cases we believe them valuable. The symptoms we see here that require treatment are almost nil, excepting pyrexia, and oc- casional hsemorrhage ; and making little of them, as is our policy, we find practically no medication ne- cessary outside of cathartics and in rare instances an alkaline bitter taken before meals for a deranged appetite. The treatment of the patient with fever is the most important duty of the sanatorium physi- cian and neurontin price comparison one that requires ceaseless watching of the patient and a determination to apply the treat- ment W'hich is well known to be of the greatest value, namely, rest. The early cases of tuberculosis wnth active lesion run a grade of fever proportionate to the extent of the lung involvement, the individual resistance generic neurontin gabapentin of the patient, and the virulence of the infecting or- ganism. It is of the utmost importance that a case of tuberculosis in the early stages, if having a fever neurontin discounts not higher than 99.2° or 99.5°, persistent, be placed under conditions where absolute rest can be generic neurontin solution had, which w'ill in most cases relieve the fever and tend to the arrest of the lung process, neurontin price without insurance while with the even slight temperature of 99.2° and 99-3° we can be sure that the disease is progressive and that soon we shall have a greater degree of fever neurontin price increase to combat if the patient is not put at absolute rest. It is on the careful watching of each patient that the favor- able or unfavorable determination of a case depends in most instances. Patients feeling well and with slight degrees of fever are hard to manage. Even in the sanatorium it requires perseverance and per- sistence to overcome a natural desire of the patient to be up and about, that he may take rest without such a degree of distaste on his part a§ will over- come the resulting good in part or whole. In the home I believe it is impossible, save in the excep- tional instance, to carry out successfully this most important part in the treatment of tuberculosis. Drugs are valueless, not to say harmful. The patient neurontin discount card with persistent rapid pulse, not a common condition, neurontin 200 mg is subject to the same treatment as is the febrile case. Haemorrhage requires absolute rest in bed. Morphine hypodermically in liberal doses to allay nervousness and decrease the respi- ratory action. Active cathesis is an invaluable aid. Strapping of chest, if the lesion from w'hich the blood is coming can be accurately determined, is of value. Specific treatment is of unproved value and probably w^orthless. Regarding the many symptoms that more advanced cases of tuberculosis neurontin 800mg present, I would neurontin mg say that as a result of some three years in the largest hospital in New generic neurontin available York city re- ceiving cases of tuberculosis generic neurontin 300mg in all stages, I generic neurontin manufacturers believe that, beyond opium and its derivatives, drugs have slight or no value, and I will say nothing at this time concerning them. I wish to call your attention now to the question of early diagnosis in lung tuberculosis, the most prominent factor in determining the ultimate suc- cess to be gained by sanatorium treatment, and I believe that in the whole problem of the combatting of tuberculosis there is no other point on which more exact information is needed by the general practitioner. It is on the recognition of the neurontin 300 mg for nerve pain early case of tuberculosis that* the success or nonsuccess depends in the sanatorium treatment of tuberculosis, especially as applied neurontin 600 mg high in the treatment of the poor. Tuberculosis among those well to do and among the poor is, as has been well said, " an entirely dif- ferent affair." To accomplish anything like lasting results in a sanatorium in the short period of six months, we cannot possibly expect to heal a lesion of the lung tuberculous in nature, and on leaving the sanato- neurontin prices generic rium the patient in nearly every instance returns to neurontin price relatively and in many cases absolutely poor housing w'ith poor diet and hard work, the fatigue neurontin 300 mg pain of which is so apt to bring about a relapse. Added to this the fact that so many have to return to follow an indoor occupation, often working amid dust and where the infection is ever present, and this with the well known fact that one attack of tuberculosis establishes no immunity from further attacks but rather increases the liability to reinfection, granting the old focus does not break down and become active, we can see the slight chance the patient has of not relapsing unless his is the exceptional early and incipient case. In making a diagnosis of the early case, it is the general practitioner we have to look to and not the specialist in the large majority of instances. The diagnosis depends on the very careful and consistent observation of the patient for an extensive period neurontin price streets

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