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April I. 1905.] iV£/*'i' ITEMS. 657 Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids; $1,000 to Lebanon Hospital: to the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children, and ^1,000 to the lisinopril hctz 20 Hebrew Benevolent Orphan Asylum Society. Mr. Vogel left a ven,' large fortune. House Staff Wanted at Hudson Street Hos- pital. — On the afternoons of April 17th and i8th there will be held a competitive examination at the Hudson Street Hospital of 20 mg lisinopril applicants for posi- tions on the house staff. The term of interne extends over a period of eighteen months, and is equally divided between surgical and medical work. There will be two vacancies on July i, 1905. and two on January i, 1906. The oppor- tunities to study emergency surgery order lisinopril are especially good at this hospital. German Poliklinik in Need. — The German Poliklinik, 78 Seventh Street, is preparing to ex- tend its facilities for the free treatment of the sick poor. The managers desire to acquire the building of the German Dispensary, and to meet the cost they have appealed to patrons and out- side friends for funds. In a recent report it was stated that since the founding of the institution, in 1883, 1,014,682 patients have been treated, and 723,353 prescriptions have been filled by the drug store attached to the Poliklinik. Society of the Medical lisinopril 5 Inspectors of the City of New York. — lisinopril 12.5 A stated meeting of this society will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 1905, at 8.30 p. m. sharp, at the Chemist's Club, 108 West Fifty-fifth Street. Order of business: Executive Session : addresses by the honorary members of the society : Dr. Thomas Darlington, Commis- lisinopril 10 sioner of Health; Dr. hctz 12.5 lisinopril Herman M. Biggs, Medical Officer ; Dr. Walter Bensel, Assistant Sanitary Superintendent ; Dr. John J. Cronin, Assistant Chief Inspector. Augustine C. ^IcGuire, M. lisinopril 10 mg D., president; Edward AI. Thompson, M. D., secre- tary, 315 West Fifty-eighth Street. A Hospital for Coney Island. — The progress of this popular resort is shown by the fact that it is to have a new modern hospital that will be open the year round. The Emergency Hospital is open during the summer months, but there are many workmen employed at the different amuse- ment enterprises during the winter, and in the case of a lisinopril 20mg serious accident it is necessary that they be taken to the Norwegian Hospital, a distance of at least three miles. The Board of Estimate has authorized the condemnation of a plot of lisinopril hctz 12.5 mg land bounded by Ocean Parkway, Conej' Island Ave- nue, East Sixth Street, and Avenue Y for the site of the new hospital. New Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital. — Ground was broken for the now Manhattan Eve, Ear, and Throat Hospital building on 3ilarch lisinopril 20 23rd on the south side of Sixty-fourth Street, between Second and Third Avenues, Mrs, C .R. Agnew turned the first shovelful of earth. John Sinclair, president of the hospital, presided. Dr. Andrew H. Smith delivered an address, in which he re- viewed the history of the hcspital. purchase lisinopril Prayer was oiTered by the Reverend lisinopril 5 mg Dr. Stephenson, of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. The hospital is now at Park Avenue and Forty-first Street. The new building will cover a lot from Sixty- third to Sixty-fourth Street. Growth of the Charity Organization Society. — The growth of a new line of charitable activity is shown in the addition of a chapter to the 1905 edition of the Charities Directory, published by the Charity Organization Society. This new chap- ter gives information of online lisinopril organizations which send cheap lisinopril lisinopril 40 mg nurses lisinopril buy to the homes of needy persons, as distinct from the nursing of the poor in hospitals, con- valescent homes, fresh air cottages, and other in- stitutions. There are lisinopril 10mg 25 titles lisinopril 12.5 mg in the chapter, showing a wide variety of societies which send visiting nurses into the tenements. A large num- ber of them are religious in character, but some of the large general societies have added visiting nurses to their staff of employees, and the depart- ment of health is sending nurses to the homes of consumptives to care for them and teach them means for preventing the spread of the disease to their families and neighbors. The Charity Or-

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