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• Read before the Wayne County Medical Association, her 30. 1905. Octo- of very rapidly growing malignant tumors of the thyreoid may give the clinical picture of thyreoiditis, as the following case will Levothroid 88 Mcg show : Mrs. B., age 55 years, was sent to me on July 28tli, 1905, by Dr. Order Levothroid Online J. Winter. She was sufferinjj from a larfje swelliiifj of the thyreoid Levothroid 75 Mg gland, which she claims had developc'd on Levothroid Synthroid the base of a small goitre inside of three months. .She suffered from extreme difficulty in respiration so that one could hear her breathe at a distance of twenty feet. Levothroid 0.1 Mg The skin over the tumor was very hot and reddened over the right lateral lobe. Fluctuation seemed Order Levothroid to be present, at least the tumor Levothyroxine Vs Levothroid was of very elastic, soft consistence. Temperature Levothroid 25 Mcg 103° F. ; pulse 100. Here I had all signs of inflamma- tory process, elevation of temperature, redness of skin, etc., in a woman almost suffocating. I cxjilained to her family that we very probably had to deal with a can- cerous growth, but there might be a possibility of an abscess being jiresent, evacuation of which might re- lieve the difficult respiration. I made a very small ex- ploratory incision, went in with a small blunt forceps and found no pus. The few i)articles removed were of sarcomatous structure. Five days later the woman died from suffocation. The post mortem specimen showed the whole right lobe to be a big sarcoma. I will refer to this Levothroid 125 Mcg case later on and show vou the specimen. (Fig- ure II.) Levothroid 100 Mcg A similar case where sarcoma of the gland was growing under inflammatory symptoms, fever, etc., is reported by De Ouervain, of Berne. This fact, that rapidly growing Synthroid Vs Levothroid sarcoma can cause Levothroid Vs Levothyroxine symptoms of inflannnation of the gland should be kept in mind. Results of Thyreoiditis. — Thyreoiditis usually re- sults in resolution ; inflammatory Levoxyl Vs Levothroid symptoms disap- pear in from four to ten days. Termination in ab- scess occurs, Purchase Levothroid Online but is not the rule. Suffocation from inflammatory swelling has been reported in one case ( Weitenberner). A very interesting observation is the termination of thyreoiditis in Graves's disease. Castaigne and Gilbert saw this in a girl fifteen years old who suffered from typhoid fever, afterwards thyreoiditis followed and typical Graves's disease. Rheinholz saw a case of influenza followed by thy- reoiditis and Graves's disease. Gaillard reports a similar observation. A very convincing case of this kind is reported by Breuer. A man, age 43, who enjoyed good health, became suddenly sick with inflammation of the thyreoid,' — swelling, pain, difficulty in breathing and swallowing. These inflammatory symptoms disappeared in five days. In the weeks following the Generic Levothroid patient noticed palpitation of the heart and peculiar nervous excitement. Two months later goitre and exophthalmus developed. The patient died seven months after onset of the trouble with all symptoms of a severe case of Graves's dis- ease, tachycardia, Levothroid 100 Mg exophthalmus, goitre, great loss in weight, delirium, etc. The autopsy showed a typical exophthalmic goitre with a small abscess cavity, I cen- timeter in diameter in the left lobe of the thyreoid. This occurrence may explain the frequent occur- rence of Graves's disease after infectious diseases, the thyreoiditis forming the connecting link. Moe- bius calls this kind of exophthalmus goitre second- ary Graves's disease, or Basedow's disease. They are another proof for Moebius's theory that the thyreoid gland is the primary affected organ in Graves's disease. This question Is Levothroid Generic becomes more in- teresting by the fact that some of the histological findings in Graves's disease and thyreoiditis are IVIiiuiir.v 1(1. inoi;. I BALLIX: SURGERY OF THE TIIYREOJO CLAXD. identical. In both we find proliferation and des- quamatiiin of the glandular epithelium and disap- pearance of the colloid substance from the glandu- lar follicles. Intrauterine acquired thyreoiditis (tu- berculosis or alcoholism of the parents I may be responsible for some cases of infantile myxcedema. Treatment of Thyreoiditis. — The therapy of in- flammation of the thyreoid consists mainly Levothroid Vs Synthroid in ap- plications, fomentations or icebag; if abscesses oc- cur, free incision and drainage will give prompt relief. In a few protracted cases excision of Levothroid Generic the infected lube of gland was performed (De Qucr- vain and Socin). The following case of acute

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