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a sexual nature conveyed to Dose Keflex them. Such adult chil- dren Keflex 750 Mg are not rare. Every venerologist has met psy- chopaths to whom each curve in nature or art sug- gests the female breasts, nates, or genitalia. For such not even the slightest 500 Keflex Mg education in sexual sub- jects would be advisable. Indeed, it would be harm- ful, because every step thereof would to them con- tain lubricious suggestions. The nature and scope of education in sexual physiology and hygiene then must be predicated upon individualization. 3. At zvhat age slioiild tliis Keflex Dose instruction be given and should it be progressive according to the age of the indiz'idual? The ripest time for instruction Keflex Purchase is the age of puberty. Mental and physical puberty arrive, Keflex Online however, at very different ages in different individuals ; moreover, they are not always coinci- dent even in the same individual. Some boys, sex- ually Purchase Keflex most precocious, are mentally far behind others of their age and vice versa. The years that a boy has acquired are consequently no certain guide to the proper time for sexual instruction. Boys of 12 years or less with venereal diseases resulting from sexual profligacy, are not rare. Male sexual continents of 30 or more years have ceased to evoke astonishment, for Keflex 250 Mg the day has passed when fathers sent their sons to houses of prostitution to " sow their wild oats." The Antibiotics Keflex only Keflex Dosage right age for sexual instruction is the age at which it will individually best serve for prophylactic purposes. Consequently the instruc- tion to be effective must be complete and not pro- gressive. It should emphasize the perils of illicit Buy Keflex coitus, moral and physical, without which, especially the latter, the instruction would be likely to have verv little deterrent effect. 4- Through what agencies sitould this instruc- tion be given; through parents, physicians, or teach- ers? Should our educational centres, high schools, colleges, and universities be utilized for this pur- pose? At first glance, this question seems to pre- mise equal capacity on the part of those who teach, and equal receptivity Keflex Order on the part of those who learn. Nothing is farther Keflex 400 Mg from the truth. The Keflex 500mg Price importance of this portion of the discussion demands Keflex Oral Suspension its consideration with as much detail as is permissible in the time allowed for the discussion. In another effort^ the unfortunate fact was of- fered that many parents, no matter how devoted to ' The Boy's Venereal Peril, Journal of the American Medical Association, July 4. 1903. February 10. lOOti.j VALESTINE: SEXUAL SUBJECTS. 277 tl.cir sons, no matter how well informed on the sub- ject now under consideration, are psychically too far removeil from their children to be able to elTcctively impart the needed precautionary instruction and in- cident advice. When, Keflex 1000 Mg however, the father has been wise enough to establish such relations in iiis fam- ily that his son regards him as more than a provider and castigator, then, beyond cavil, the father is the best one to give the needed instruction. But, in the Inirry and turmoil to provide for his family, the tatlicr, even when he has the intellectual equipment, frequently loses sight of moral and prophylactic needs. I know of two instances in which mothers per- formed the delicate Order Keflex Online task of instructing their boys. One was a widow, the other the wife of a drunkard and debauchee. The sons of both these women re- mained sexually continent until they married. These exceptional instances are not cited as an argument that sexual instruction devolves naturally upon the mother. They show merely that in iso- lated circumstances this delicate task has been per- formed successfully. When the ideal family relation exists, the father is, in the nature of Keflex For Mrsa things, the best one to forewarn and therefore forearm his son. Where it does not exist, Keflex 500mg the father's attempt at instruction can be but harmful.

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