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just, price imitrex nasal spray is it wise, thus to disenthrone a kindly, inno- cent saint? The child must have some channel in which to let loose the imagination, as was imitrex available generic form dem- onstrated to me clearly by a young lady in speaking of this same Santa Claus myth. When she was well along in childhood, a boy companion of the same age attempted to disabuse her mind as to the existence of Santa Claus. She did not wish to believe his statements and pondered long and seriously to discover a means of escape from her dilemma. She finally found a solution that satisfied her mind and rendered her happy for many years. It was this : Santa Claus was a Christian imitrex cost canada saint and she a pious maiden. The boy had no particular religious convictions ; therefore, plainly, the saint, in natural retaliation, would not bestow his favors upon the boy, and he, forsooth, was obliged to in- vent his tale best price imitrex and substitute his father in order to receive Christmas presents like other children. How paltry is all our philosophy in view of such a mental, attitude ! Read Kenneth Grahame's Golden Age, a mellow exhibit of the child's view of life, the world, and things in it ; and then imagine the effect of the ex- position of the sexual problem before an audience such as he depicts. retail price imitrex And this same imaginative spirit exists through life. It belongs to youth, but it is not lost in man- hood or old age. It is not really modified very much by instruction, yet it makes use of knowledge, not as an actuality but according to its own emo- tional standard. Take it away and life becomes one dreary routine of hard mathematical facts out of which an escape into the cold buy cheap imitrex online oblivion of a shel- tering grave would become a welcome alternative. And now, with Santa Claus, the other childish myth is being shufBed off. The stork is being de- prived of one of his blessed functions ; the cabbage buy imitrex online uk patch has become unnecessary, and the basket of the kindly imitrex generic no prescription doctor w'ill soon be no longer needed to account for the advent of the new baby. Alas for the golden days ! S Perhaps it is better so, I know not ; but it is less i lovely, and hfe will be less worth living when all the transformation shall have been accomplished. But, as I said before, this condition of things is in the air and we must face it and make the best imitrex generic form of it. Knowledge comes to children and to our youth, and that it should be accurate and not distorted is there a generic form of imitrex knowledge is most desirable. Febiunr.v 10, 10(10] KEYES: SEXUAL EDUCATION. 275 How, then, to make the approach? Every child, buy imitrex nasal spray online sooner or later, gets sexual knowledge ; but he picks it up here and tliere in a haphazard way, and it is always at first more or less distorted and imitrex generic release date inaccurate. The boy is father to the man. The imagination is always young, always active. Granting these points (and I believe them to be self evident), it becomes only reasonable to conclude that it will be imitrex cost us better for the child to substitute a healthy education upon sexual matters for the un- healthy one ho buy imitrex injection online naturally gets in his own way, but how shall this be done? The natural method price imitrex of teaching all moral and social subjects is through the parents in the home. Here the child learns kindred things without books and without other teacher. He learns what honor is; he learns tiie conventionalities of life and its etiquette umlcr various conditions ; he learns to re- spect his home, the family name, and to defend the persons of his brothers and sisters, by actual force when price imitrex without insurance required. He grows up insensibly along all these lines, and he is instructed as to his eating. He is not told about the intricacies of digestion, but is warned that if he gorges himself harm will come of buy imitrex online canada it and tliat imitrex cost per pill certain rich articles of how much does imitrex cost food are worse than others. All this knowledge and all needed points about the care of his person he learns naturally and easily at home ; and here and in the same manner he should imbibe his knowledge of sexual matters. But, unhappily, here the line is drawn. The little angel is considered too pure to have his mind sullietl by mention of such vicious subjects ; and therefore he is deceived and goes on in ignorance until a chance companion enlightens him partially ; and tlie imagination does the rest. Some shyness on the part of the parents is quite natural ; but it seems to me that this is the true point

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