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duty in command of the Naval Hospital, San Juan, P. R., sailing from New York. N. Y.. about hoodia 57 Februarj' lOth. ^irf^s, Hlarriagcs, antr gtat^s. Married. EwiNG — Cross. — In Trudeau, hoodia p 57 N. Y., on Thursday, Janu- ary i8th, Dr. George Justice Ewing, of Philadelphia, and Miss Mary E. Cross. Gilfillan — Hayes. — In Newark, N. J., on Tuesday, Jan- uary 25th, Dr. W. Wliitehead Gilfillan and Mrs. Mary Louise Hayes. Kaufman — Fox. — In Philadelphia, on Wednesday, Janu- ary 24th, Dr. A. Spencer Kaufman and Miss Florence Fox. Meyer — Dinsmore. — In Minneapolis, on Thursday, Janu- ary iSth, Dr. E. Lawrence Meyer and Miss Margaret Emer- son Dinsmore. Roberts — Reynolds. — In Philadelphia, on Tuesday, Janu- ary 23d, Dr. J. V. C. Roberts and Mrs. Grace Fenimore Reynolds. Sevier — Scatena. — In San Francisco, on Wednesday, January 17th, Dr. Lawrence Riland Sevier and Miss Flor- ence Scatena. White — Peck. — In Providence, R. I., on Wednesday, January 24th. Dr. Albert C. White and Miss Louise Lyman Peck. Died. Abell. — In Philadelphia, on Monday, January 22nd, Dr. Amacey B. Abell, aged sixty-three years. Carter. — In Mount Vernon, N. Y., on Tuesday, January 23rd, Dr. Theophilus Carter, aged forty years. Eldredge.— In New York, on Wednesday, January 24th, Dr. Rolfe Eldredge. Heath. — In New York, on Wednesday, January 17th, Dr. Richard Armstrong Heath, aged fortj-three years. Hillhouse. — In New Haven, purchase hoodia online Connecticut, on Sunday, January 21st, Dr. William Hillhouse, aged eighty-six years. HoDGES. — In EUicott City, Maryland, on Tuesday, Janu- ary i6th. Dr. William E. Hodges, aged seventy years. order hoodia PoE. — In Baltimore, on Saturday, January 20th, Dr. Wil- liam Clemm Poe, buy hoodia online aged sixty-two years. Watson. — In Independence, Missouri, cheap hoodia on Tuesday, Janu- ary i6th. Dr. Thomas J. Watson, aged eighty years. hoodia buy New York Medical Journal INCORPORATING THE Philadelphia Medical purchase hoodia Journal Tht Medical News A Weekly Review of Medicine \'0L. LXXXIII, No. 6. NEW YORK, FEBRUARY lo, 1906. Whole No. 1419. (Original Communirations. A CASE OF CEREBROSPINAL MENINGI- TIS INDICATING THAT IT MAY BE OF A CONTAGIOUS NATURE. By H. A. Hare, M. D., PHILADELPHIA, PROFESSOR OF THERAPEUTICS IN THE JEFFER.SON MEDICAL COLLEGE OF PHILADELPHIA. On Thursday evening-, March 9th, I was called

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