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eases of the Eye and Ear in the New York Post- Graduate Medical School and Hospital ; Beaman Douglass, M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Nose and Throat in the New York Post-Graduate Floxin Ophthalmic ]\Ied- ical School and Hospital. New York : The Mac- millan Company. Februirj 8, 1008. ) MISCELLANY— OFFICIAL NEWS. 271 In presenting this volume, the aim of the authors has been primarily to assist practitioners and Purchase Floxin Online students in the treatment of diseases of the ear, but since affec- tions of this organ arc so commonly coincident with or secondary to nasopharyngeal disorder, the affec- tions of Generic Floxin these Floxin Ear Drops reeions atiologically related to aural disease are fully considered. Furthermore, this inti- mate correlative dependence suggested Buy Cheap Floxin the excellent idea Cipro Floxin of incorporating the discussion of these regions as one subject, an idea which has been skilfully and successfully developed. The attitude Buy Floxin Online of the whole work is characteristically sunmied up in the following extract: "It seems to be supposed by some that peculiar means of treatment are at the service of specialists which are riot in the hands of the average physician, and which can only be used when a disease has become well advanced. To Floxin Eye Drops those who hold such views, it mav be said the time to treat aural disease is in the beginning of the attack. Aurists or surgeons have no means to combat inflammation other than those at the hands of every practitioner. To wait for so called special treatment is to lose important time. Besides Floxin Otic Suspension this, there is no special, mysterious treatment that can be of avail at any time, no matter in whose hands." The text throughout reflects the scholarly breadth of the authors and the book Floxin Otic Drops which they have Floxin Otic Ear Drops jointly achieved can be conscientiously recommended as ade- quately fulfdling the purpose intended. fflisfcllunn Dr. Emmet Cooper Dent. — The members of the Council of the American Medico-Psychological Purchase Floxin Asso- ciation held a meeting at Order Floxin the Aqua Floxin Hotel Astor, New York Floxin Tablets city, on Tuesday, January 16, 1906, at which meeting they appointed, by formal resolution, a committee of three members of the association, consisting of Dr. William Austin Macy, Dr. George A. Smith, and Dr. Charles W. Pilgrim, to draw resolutions expressive of the loss of their late fellow member and the late sec- retary of the association. Dr. Emmet Cooper Dent. The special Order Floxin Online committee prepared the following resolu- tions : Whereas, By the Floxin Antibiotics death of our late associate, fellow member and secretary, this association has been de- prived of one of its most worthy members and progres- sive workers, and. Whereas, We, his Floxin Price associates, have lost a dearly loved comrade whom we honored for his integrity, upright- ness of character and sterling worth, whom we re- spected for his w-ell known high standards in profes- sional and in ordinary living, whom we admired for his unselfish devotion to all that made for a higher manhood, and for his steady and unflagging interest in the suffering humanity to which he ministered, and whom we all loved as an ever loyal friend and com- panion ; therefore be it Resolfed. That we extend to the bereaved family our heartfelt sympathy in their grief and the assurance that his memorv will ever remain cherished bv us. Offifial Bftos. Public Health and Marine Hospital Service Health Reports: The foUoxi'iiis cases of smallpox, yclloiv fever, cholera, and plague, have been reported to Floxin Online the Surgeon General, Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, during the zceek ended January 26, igo6: Smallpox — United Statct. I'lniP. Date. Cases. Deaths. CalUOrnla — San Francisco Ian. 0-13 7

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