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one without it was an art and not a science. There was certainly no harm likely to be done by its judicious use. He had had more than 10,000 cases in finpecia price private* practice without a single bad result. Low errors of astigmatism could not be corrected absolutely finpecia online pharmacy without a cycloplegic if patients must go to work with their eyes at once. Then homatropine should be finpecia 1mg used, fol- lowed at once by eserine. These patients might then be confident that cheap finpecia they would have no discomfort and would be able to read within an hour. Dr. Bennet con- sidered that correction of muscular deficiencies was quite as important as where to buy finpecia the use of mydriatics. Dr. Connor, of Detroit, said that it was important not to give the opticians a Jiold by which they might secure the passage of an optometry bill. The treat- ment of the eye with glasses required all a physician's skill, and not merely a mechanical training. Person- allv, he had been taught in New York years ago that mydriatics were of no use. He had found finpecia 1 mg in his prac- tice that they were practically indispensable in most cases. He had seen individuals who had been fitted with glasses by most distinguished specialists, and yet had no comfort until there was some correction by a prism of their muscular insufficiency. In one notable case the prismatic correction was only slight, yet the patient had been comfortable for fifteen years. Dr. Hubbell, of Buffalo, said that he also challenged Dr. Davis's purchase finpecia ideas with regard to cycloplegics. Dr. Davis said that he treated muscular insufficiency by general tonics. Cycloplegics were more finpecia cost dangerous than is usually admitted. Even so mild a mydriatic as 268 PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. [New York Medical JoobnaI/. homatropine had on several occasions produced glau- coma. Hence the necessity for extreme care in their use in persons bej'ond middle age. Personally, he be- lieved in their use in certain cases, but not as a routine matter. The Immediate Treatment of Eye Injuries. — Dr. Alvin a. Hubbell, of finpecia hair loss Buffalo, suggested that eye injuries came first to the observation of the general practitioner. As a consequence he should have a defi- nite idea as to what to do. Injuries of the external parts of the eye might be treated at once with ordinary surgical precautions. When they affected the more im- portant structures, however, great care must be exer- finpecia buy cised. A penetrating wound must not be probed, be- cause of the danger of infection. In general, it nmst be presumed that when some invisible object had caused a perforation of the cornea or sclera, the foreign body was within the eye. The contents of finpecia cipla the eye furnished an excellent soil for infectious material. Intraocular disinfection by means of finpecia canada iodoform had been shown to be possible at least to the extent of hampering the growth of microbes. Purulent infection of the eye did not produce sympathetic ophthalmia, while the re- moval of the eye was sometimes followed by this se- rious condition, and besides, the operation of itself might lead to meningitis. Typhoid Fever. — Dr. Luzerne Coville, in this paper, said that the aspect of typhoid fever had changed very materially in recent years. ■ In many cases of typhoid fever bacteria might be discovered in the blood very early in the disease. They had been found as early as the first, second, and third days by conservative ob- servers, and at the time when the Widal reaction was still buy finpecia uk negative. It would seem that they occurred in the blood always earlier than this reaction. A number finpecia fda of cases of typhoid had been found in which there order finpecia were no intestinal lesions. Typhoid fever might last only a few hours apparently buy finpecia online in some individuals. Such cases had been known to occur in epidemics where finpecia uk the mortality was very high. The incubation period lasted very variably. In one case a prisoner had his only opportunity for infection apparently 141 days be- fore the finpecia india disease broke out. A suicide who drank de- liberately a pure culture of typhoid bacilli had the dis- ease in three days. In most cases the incubation period was from twelve to fourteen days. A sister in a Russian hospital, who drank by mistake some urine from a typhoid patient contained in a wine glass, had the disease in thirteen days. On the other hand, en- thusiastic German investigators had taken portions of fresh typhoid stools without having the afifection. It was evident that those that were brought in contact with typhoid patients acquired after a- time a certain immunity to the disease. This was exemplified by the cases of the German observers just mentioned, finpecia online who thought, however, that they were demonstrating the lack of virulence in fresh typhoid stools. It was be- cause of this immunity that physicians and nurses did

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