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suggested that the main hope which the committee looked forward to was the stimulation of interest in the count)' medical societies in order to secure an increased membership for the new State organization. When Dr. Thompson presented a resolution asking for the continuance of the ad interim House of Dele- gates until the annual meeting in 1907, there was a moment of suspense because of the presentation of an amendment allowing delegates from the county socie- ties femara tablets elected to be allowed to sit in the House of Dele- gates during the present year. After some discussion, however, in which it was pointed out that the adoption of such amendment would be contrary to the legal ar- rangement made by the court, the president ruled that the amendment was out of order, and the original motion was carried unanimously. New Surgical Prize Established. — Dr. Lucien Howe. of Buffalo, presented a check for $1,500 to the society, the annual interest of which is every year, or as often as an essay worthy of it shall be presented, to be given to the writer of the best work on some surgical sub- ject, preferably in ophthalmology, which shall show evidence of original research. The prize winner need not necessarily be a member of the society. Dr. Jacobi presented a resolution accepting Dr. Howe's generous gift, and also giving the thanks of the society for his thoughtful consideration and for his encouragement of one of the best works that the society had in hand. Remarks of the President of the American Medical Association. — Dr. Lewis S. McMurtry, of Louisville, the iiresident of the American Medical Association, was then presented and congratulated the society on its return to the fold of the American Medical Asso- ciation. There had, ho\vever, been a general feeling all over the country of purchase femara online anticipation, and the culmina- tion in reunion had aroused universal pleasure. The American Medical Association owed its origin to the Medical Society of the State of New York, and the daughter organization now gladly welcomed back the mother society. Organization was the watchword of the day. Nowhere was it needed more than in buy cheap femara medical matters. Medical men needed to be imited, not so much for their own benefit as for the benefit femara mg of the public. At the jjrcsent there were probably one hun- dred and twenty thousand practising physicians in this country. Not more than 40,000 of these belonged to any medical society. It was necessary that large num- bers of physicians should be brought in touch with medical organizations. This was true, not only for the country doctor, but also for the busy city practitioner who thought he had not the time to attend medical femara price society meetings. Medical reunions would do more to elevate the profession than any other single measure. The Art and Science of Fitting Glasses. — Dr. A. E. Davis sketched something buy femara of the history of the use of glasses. The use of spectacles was first discovered by Roger Bacon in the thirteenth century. The only lenses used were the simply spherical glasses meant for old people. Then there was no development fur- ther for over six centuries, to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The first advance was the dis- cover)' by Thomas Young of his own astigmatism. Airy, the astronomer, first corrected his astigmatism hy generic femara the use of cylindrical glasses in 1837. During the sixth decade of the century HehiTholtz discovered the ophthalmoscope. Donders took up the fitting of glasses and developed the science of the art in 1864. With regard to eye strain and its reflex action, American physicians had done more than any others to make buy femara online the world appreciate its significance. S. Weir Mitchell had almost cheap femara more than anv one else taught how many symptoms might be caused by errors of refraction. Dr. Davis considered that cycloplegics had been very much abused in ophthalmological practice, and he himself unlearned the use of them in patients over ten years of as:e. Since he had dropped their use he had had to change fewer glasses, and, order femara as it was results that nnlithnlmologtsts were looking for, this was a decided advantage. Whenever he found that he had to change glasses within six months after prescribing them, he usually considered that he himself had been order femara online at fault. W^ith regard to muscular insufficiency, he had not had satisfaction in attempts at correcting this defect by means of glasses. He considered that in this matter there had been an exaggeration of the remedial effect that could be produced by mechanical means. The use of prisms then had seemed to him inadvisable, and he preferred to treat these cases by general tonic meas- ures. Dr. V'alk, of New York, said that convex glasses would not correct muscular deficiencies, and these re- quired special correction. The Use of Mydriatics. — Dr. A. G. Bennet. of Erie County, said that while Dr. Davis was a femara online convert to the doctrine of the nonemployment of cycloplegics, he himself femara cost was a pervert to that doctrine, and believed that in many cases the use of a mydriatic enabled the physicians to select glasses with more assurance. How much allowance was to be purchase femara made for the difference be- tween an eye under the influence of a cycloplegic and

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