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LETTERS TO THE EDITORS— PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. [Nhw York Medical .Touiinai,. 3. Origin of Intermittent Haemoglobinuria. — Khoro- shiloff reports two cases of cyclic ha-nioglobinuria from which he draws the general conclusion that this affec- tion is a special disease of the red blood cells, probably arising from lesions in the blood forming organs, and is not as most authors assert the result of autoinfec- tion nor of nervous disease. In the second case re- ported the aft'ection seemed to be syphilitic in origin, as the estrace 2 mg patient had had syphilis a year and a half pre- viously, though the administration of iodides were not followed by a cessation of the paroxysms of haemoglo- binuria. In the first patient the retiolog)' was less clearly defined. The patient had suffered from malaria twenty estrace price years previously, but the attack lasted but two weeks and left no signs of malarial poisoning. The total estrace estradiol exclusion of syphilis was not possible, as the pa- tient admitted having had an ulcer upon his genitals, an admission which should always excite a certain amount of suspicion. The treatment of this patient with so- dium iodide proved of considerable benefit. * ■ » Cfttcrs To tbt (gbttois. WATER AS A LOCAL ANESTHETIC. 19 West Thirty-fifth Street, New York, January 20, 1906. To the Editors: Since publishing the estrace and ivf article on Water as a Local Anresthetic in the Journal of January 6th, my attention has been called to a publication on this same subject in the Nouveau dictionnaire dc mcdccine ct dc chirnrgie pratiques, No. 11, 1S69, by estrace cream coupon Dr. Georges Dieulafoy, in which this writer says : " It is possible in the great majority of estrace online cases to relieve pain imme- diately by the hypodermic injection estrace for ivf of from eight to ten drops of cold water." In the Nezv York Medical Journal, volume xxiii, 1876, page 603, Dr. S. Henry Dessau, in an article buy estrace online en- titled Hypodermic Injections of Cold Water for the Relief of Pain, refers to estrace cost the February number of the buy estrace cream Medical Neivs and Library, which contains an extract from estrace coupon an article in the Union ntcdicalc, by Dr. Lelut. on this subject. Dr. Dessau cites a number of instances in which he relieved pain by the hypodermic injection of ten minims of cold estrace cream water. In the Medical Record of November 14, 1891. Dr. R. H. M. Dawbarn, of New York, shows that Schleich was not the discoverer of the method, and credits it to Dr. William S. Halsted, then of New estrace 1 mg York, later of Johns buy estrace Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore. M}' article was not intended as in any way to lay claim to the discovery of a new local anaesthetic, estrace coupons but to call attention to its satisfactory employment in cer- tain minor surgical operations. John A. Wyeth. CARBONIC ACID GAS IN MEDICINE. 1 1 13 Madison Avenue, estrace tablets New York, January 4, 1906. To the Editors: A few days ago a little book. Car- bonic Acid Gas in Medicine, by our friend and stren- uous worker. Dr. Achilles Rose, came into my hands. I have long known of Dr. Rose's work on this theme and have made reference thereto in so far as it re- lated to the intestinal tract in estrace 2mg my book on Constipation in Adults and Children, etc. Here I want only to estrace creme add my testimony, personal observation, to the value of the carbonic acid gas treatment in those hyperaesthetic conditions of the nasal mucous membrane which are so dreadfully annoying to the patient. The subject of this observation, a lady, began to have all the manifestations of hay fever, or rose cold, paroxvsms of sneezing, watering of the eyes, etc., in the earlv spring of 1902. This continued throughout the year and all the following year, 1903, until the early spring of 1904, the paroxysms growing steadily in severity, lasting longer, from fifteen to twenty min- utes, becoming more frequent through the day. and later on setting in, not infrequently, during the night. estrace ivf The other symptoms, the watering of the eyes, the stuffed nose, the headaches, became aggravated and the general condition was altogether much impaired. All this despite numerous remedies, regular and ir-

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