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positively. It is of course possible that these soldiers had latent tuberculosis, but this is not probable, as Murri proved some time ago by injecting all patients in the hospital without distinction and obtained a febrile reaction, not only in Eskalith Cr 450 those in whom tuberculosis could be excluded during life, but also in patients who after death showed no tuberculous lesions. Tuber- culin is a very useful diagnostic and curative measure in sanatorium work, but it is not an absolute test, and should be used only in special cases. It is better to fail in doing a little good to everybody and to retain the consciousness of having harmed nobody. .\s regards the agglutination reaction, a definite judgment must as yet be reserved. A great many more clinical experi- ments must be undertaken to show its value. There is no question that agglutination occurs in tuberculous patients, but what does this signify? Agglutination per se is of no value, save possibly that it may give rise to a suspicion. It is certainly of value, however, when accompanied by other indications of tuberculosis. The conclusion from all this is that the early diagnosis of tuberculosis cannot be made in the laboratory, and Purchase Lithium Carbonate that these tests are of value only in conjunction with a clinical examination. 2. Adamantinoma of the Lower Jaw. — Ferrero re- ports a case of adamantinoma, a very rare tumor of the lower jaw. The patient was a woman, aged forty- Eskalith 450 Mg four, who had been suffering from toothache for some time. Six years before admission to the hospital she noticed a swelling near the angle of the lower jaw which grew slowly, gradually extending to the inner aspect and projecting into the mouth. In 1899 the diagnosis of dental cyst was made, and the tumor was removed, most of the wall of the cyst being resected, and the lining scraped. In 1900 and 1904, the tumor recurred again in the form of a cyst, and was excised and scraped. The growth was found to consist of two classes of tissue, epithelial and connective. Generic Lithium Carbonate A number of epithelial cysts of various sizes containing an amor- phous or granular substance were also found in this tissue. Buy Eskalith The connective tissue consisted of homo- geneous hyaline substance with few nuclei, but many blood vessels. In the bony tissue, which was found to be part Lithium Carbonate Buy of the lower jaw, were found numerous deli- cate trabecule surrounded by an osteoplastic stratum. This tumor was not malignant in character, and the most appropriate name for Buy Lithium Carbonate it was adamantinoma, a name applied to tumors of this sort, in contradistinction to odontomata, which are connective tissue tumors aris- ing from the cement and dentine of the teeth, or from dental cysts which contain one or more teeth within their cavities. ROUSSKY VRATCH. December 10, 190$. 1. The Anatomical Theory of the Radical Treatment of Hernias, By R. I. Venglofsky. 2. The Pathology of Tuberculosis of the Bones and Joints, By N. N. Petroff. 3. The Pathogenesis of Intermittent Hasmoglobinuria Due to Cold {Concluded), By A. V. Khoroshiloff. 4. Abscess of the Brain Due to Otitis. Buy Lithium Carbonate Online Operation. Re- covery, By P. K. Broschniofski. 5. The Influence of the Animal Organism Upon the Prop- erties of the Order Lithium Carbonate Online Streptococcus : Biochemical Properties {To be concluded). By A. Dvuzhilni. 1. Radical Cure of Hernias. — Venglofsky describes a method of radical operation for inguinal hernia in which the sac is not dissected out from the surround- ing tissue, but is allowed to remain, no matter how large it may be, and is permitted to atrophy. The separation of the sac, which amounts to tearing out, in many cases has a very unfavorable effect upon the cord and complicates the postoperative course of the case. While the author Lithium Carbonate Online recognizes Bassini's method as undoubtedly the most efficient, he insists that all methods thus far devised have the Eskalith Er disadvantage of not fulfilling the Lithium Eskalith object of radical treament, which includes not only the destruction of a hernia already present, but also the removal of the anatomical predisposition to hernial protrusions. Bassini's operation is also ob- jectionable on account of the fact that it destroys the normal relations of the spermatic cord, and all methods involving the dissection of the hernial sac pro- duce Eskalith Cr marked changes in the vas deferens. Atrophy of the corresponding testicle is not infrequent after rad- ical operations for hernia. It is for this reason that the author avoids the dissection of the sac. Venglof- sky reports 30 operations performed with this method, and in none of the cases did a relapse take place. 266

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