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4. Enterogenous Cyanosis. By A. A. VAN DEN Bergh and A. Grutterink. 5. Deep Injections of Alcohol and Cocaine or Alcohol and Stovaine and Neuralgias, By F. Ostwalt. 6. Rontgen Rays in the Treatment of Lymphatic Sarcoma, By M. CoHN. 7. The Anticomplements, By J. Bordet. 8. Pneumothorax and Paralysis of the Recurrent Nerve. By LUBLINSKl. 9. Treatment cheap eriacta of Habitual sildenafil citrate 50mg Constipation. By de la Camp. 1. Traumatic ranbaxy eriacta 100 Arthritis of the Knee. buy eriacta online — Hoffa de- scribes the clinical appearances of this affection first described by him. The patient feels constriction about the joint, and a swelling appears on each side of the patellar ligament. The affection consists of a sub- cutaneous injury to the joint which leads to an effusion of eriacta uk blood into it. The normal villi of the joint undergo proliferation and finally the subsynovial fat becomes converted into dense connective tissue. There are also accompanying changes in the synovial membrane. In neglected cases partial arthrectoniy gives complete re- lief. The diagnosis is made by means of the Rontgen ray after the joint has been filled with oxygen. 3. Spirochseta Pallida. — Buschke and Fischer exam- ined six cases of hereditary syphilis. In only one case were they able to demonstrate any considerable num- ber of spirochjeta in the spleen, liver, or kidneys. In the kidneys the organisms lay in the wall of the larger and smaller vessels up to the endothelial layer. The authors are not certain if the spirochsetae can be found in epithelial cells. 4. Enterogenous Cyanosis. — Van den purchase sildenafil citrate Bergh and Grutterink report three cases of so called sulphohsmo- globinaemia. All the patients were constipated, but as soon as the bowels could be made to move thoroughly daily, the symptoms disappeared. In one case, a nine year old boy, with anal stenosis and urethrorectal fis- tula, order eriacta the symptoms disappeared after an operation for the relief of the anomaly. The symptoms in his case were cyanosis buy sildenafil citrate of the skin and lips, and the appearance of a triggerfinger. The authors describe also two cases of enterogenous methasmoglobinasmia which were also characterized by extensive cyanosis. By complicated methods, the authors demonstrated the presence of nitrites in the blood, especially in the blood cells by which the normal ha;moglobin was converted into metha;moglobin. 5. Stovaine for Neuralgia. — Ostwalt has improved Schloesser's method of injecting alcohol in cases of tri- geminal and other forms of neuralgia. He adds, firstly, cocaine or stovaine to the alcohol, and, secondly, makes the injections very deep. ranbaxy eriacta Thus, he attacks the tri- geminal nerve at its exit from the skull, before it gives off its branches. The results, after from two to four injections, are very satisfactory, even in chronic cases. Recurrences, eriacta tablets however, take place, and are cured with difficulty. The same results attend the treatment of sciatica. 9. Habitual Constipation. — De la Camp considers the anatomical elements coincident with chronic con- stipation, and says that not infrequently they are re- sponsible for the condition. The main elements of the symptom complex of chronic constipation are nerv- ous anomalies order sildenafil citrate of the intestinal wall, heightened blood pressure in the splanchnic region and autointoxication. He recommends suppositories of belladonna for the pains accompanying spastic constipation. ZENTRALBLATT FUER GYNAEKOLOGIE. January 6, 1906. 1. Ccesarean Section, By R. Olshausen. 2. Prevention of Fever in the Puerperium, By P. ZvraiiFEL. 3. Vaporization of the Uterus, By K. Baisch. 1. Caesarean Section. — Olshausen reviews the indi- cation and technics of the buy sildenafil citrate online operation. Among the for- mer are the presence of myomata and cancer, cardiac and renal disease, and eclampsia. Placenta praevia is regarded by some cheap sildenafil citrate as calling for the operation. Among his recommendations for the performance of the Cassar- ean section is the high site for the abdominal incision which should attack the uterus at its broadest portion, and must always extend above the umbilicus. The in- cision must avoid the placenta, the site of sildenafil citrate 100mg which can i:sually be recognized by the injection of the uterus by large veins. To avoid haemorrhage after the opera- tion, Olshausen recommends the hypodermic buy eriacta injection of ergot about twenty minutes before the section. Ha?morrhage during the operation is not to be feared if the incision is kept in the median line eriacta online of the uterus

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