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describes the indications for hydrotherapeutical treat- ment, among them neurasthenia and other psychoneu- roses. He concludes his article with a description of a hydrotherapeutical institute and the history of six patients, who were treated by this method. 2. Description of Killian's Frontal Sinus Operation. — Foster, after a review of Purchase Dostinex the several operations pro- posed for the treatment of chronic frontal Buy Cheap Dostinex sinusitis, describes the Killian method which in his opinion is superior to the others. Up to June, 1904, Professor Killian and his assistant, von Eicken, had performed 50 Generic Dostinex operations, and Killian gives the following indica- tions for his method: I, Necrosis; 2, symptoms of in- tracranial complications ; 3, fever and a foul smelling discharge; 4, headache not relieved by intranasal treat- Order Dostinex ment ; 5, recurring groups of polypi Order Dostinex Online in the frontal sinus and anterior ethmoid cells. 3. A Study of the Larynx in Tabes. — Greene reports two cases of laryngeal disturbances in tabes. Out of sixty cases examined in three hospitals, nine, or fifteen per cent., presented laryngeal complications; six, or ten per cent., showed undoubted paralysis of one or both vocal cords ; and seven, or twelve per cent., were affected with laryngeal crises. The only form observed was abductor paralysis, and of the six cases, five were unilateral and only one bilateral, three were partial and five complete abductor paralysis. 5. Contusions of the Abdomen. — Hubbard describes seven cases of injury to the abdomen, and draws from these observations the following remarks: .Should a person receive a blow upon the abdomen Dostinex Price of any de- gree of force and is in a critical condition, careful Cabergoline Tablets observation should be rendered, for on slight changes in the physical condition Purchase Dostinex Online depend the diagnosis and often the life. The absence of muscular spasm does not rule out an intraabdominal lesion while its presence makes such a condition the more probable. Buy Cabergoline Hot applications should be applied to the abdomen and the re- corded at frequent intervals. The urine should be drawn by catheter, if the patient is unable to pass it. Should the pulse rate steadily rise even Cabergoline Buy only slowly, or the abdominal spasm persist, or the urine be bloody, the case becomes distinctly surgical. 7. A Case of Acute Meningitis. Operation. Recov- ery. — Crockett narrates a case of suppurative lepto- meningitis : the patient recovering after an early opera- tion with drainage into the subdural space. This drain relieved the increased cerebrospinal pressure which so often kills the patients. He therefore pleads for an im- mediate operation. THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION January .?/, /po(5. I. The Present Status of the Surgery of the Stomach. By William D. Haggard. 26o PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. [New Dostinex Online York Mbdicai, Jocenal. • Buy Dostinex 2. Science and Art iii Medicine. Their Influence Cabergoline 0.5 Mg on the Development of Medical Thinking, By John C. Hem meter. 3. Chorionepitheliomatous Proliferations in Teratomata, Especially in Those of the Testicle, with Three New Cases, By Robert T. Frank. 4. Cheap Dostinex Fractures of the Olecranon Treated by Subcutaneous E.xarticular Wiring, By John B. Murphy. 5. A Case of Infantile ScurN-y, By George Dock. 6. An -Antigonococcus Serum Effective in the Treatment of Gonorrhoea! Rheumatism, By John C. Torrey. 7. The Treatment of Gonorrhoeal Rheumatism by Dostinex Cost an Anti- gonococcus Serum, Dostinex Mg By John Rogers. Dostinex Tablets 8. The Patent Medicine and Nostrum Evils, Buy Dostinex Online By J. M. Anders. 9. Sodium Aurate : A Nonirritating Local Antiseptic of Remarkable Power. By F. H. Verhoeff. 1. The Present Status of the Surgery of the Stom- ach. — Haggard thinks that the typical indication for operative Cabergoline 0.5 interference in the stomach is obstruction of

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