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5. The Treatment in this Vicinity of Pulmonary 'luber- culosis. Dilantin Pharmacology By Dilantin 330 Mg Hamilton D. Wev. 6. Diphtheria Antito.xine Effective in Scarlatina, By J. H. Lopez. ~. Chronic Enlargement of the Tonsils as a Factor in i^tiology. By C. P. Nelson. 1. Some Problems in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Puerperal Infection. — Hirst confines his paper only to a few pha.scs of this subject: the bacteriological ex- amination of infected women as Too Much Dilantin a means of precise and accurate diagnosis: the influence the results of this examination should have upon prognosis and treatment; the treatment of infection after labor by instrumental exploration and evacuation of the uterus ; the present status of Dilantin 350 Mg antistreptococci serum as a curative agent, and the lessons taught by practical experience in the oper- ative treatment of puerperal sepsis Dilantin 130 Mg by pelvic and Dilantin Xr ab- dominal surgery. 3. Tropical Liver Abscess: Report of Tliree Cases, with Special Reference to the Blood Findings. — Coffin reports in detail three cases out of a total of 34 cases of tropical liver abscess occurring in Dilantin 500 Mg a period of three and two thirds years in the United States Army Di- vision Hospital at Manila, P. I. From Dilantin 600 Mg the total 34 cases he draws the following conclusions: (i) This condition should be known as Dilantin 1 G hepatic amoebiasis, the words tropical and single both being faulty Dilantin 50 Mg in describ- ing it; furthermore, it is not a true abscess as the same is usually understood. (2) The amoeba coli of Losch is the exciting cause. (3) The routes of infection are the portal vein, over the peritonicum Dilantin 230 Mg from the gut to the liver by amoeboid motion, and through the common bile duct. (4) The leucocyte count is comparatively high and always a valuable guide in the diagnosis. 6. Diphtheria Antitoxine Effective in Scarlatina. — Lopez calls the attention to the value Dilantin 400 Mg of diphtheria antitoxine in the treatment of scarlet fever. In Dilantin Ex an orphauage containing over 300 children there were many cases of scarlatina following an outbreak of diphtheria. To guard against the dangers of extensive mixed in- fection and for immunizing purposes antito.xine was liberally employed. The uniform dose in all cases in which the diagnosis of diphtheria could not be made was Dilantin 200 Mg 1,000 units. In every case the results were favor- able, but they were especially so in the anginose type. THE BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL January 2j, igo6. 1. On the Development of Dilantin 30 Mg Scientific Hydrotherapy, By Joseph H. Pratt. 2. Description of Killian's Frontal Sinus Operation, By E. E. Foster. 3. A Study of the Larynx in Tabes. By D. Crosby Green'E. 4. A Contribution to the /Etiology of " Lateral Curvature '' of the Spine, By Max Boiim. .S. Contusions of the Dilantin 150 Mg Abdomen. By Joshua C. Hubbard. 6. Brain Abscess. Operation, Recovery. By Philip Hammond. 7. A Case of Acute Meningitis. Operation, Recovery. • By E. A. Crockett. 8. General Lymphosarcoma Especially Active in the Throat. Preliminary Report. By F. P. Emerson. 1. On the Development of Scientific Hydrotherapy. — I'ratt calls attention to the scarcity of scientific hydrotherapeutical departments in dispensaries and hosi)itals, and to the fact that this method of treat- ment has not received the proper attention from our colleges. In 1902 thirteen out of the nineteen German universities gave special courses in physical therapeu- tics, many of which were devoted to hydrotherapy. In .\merica, on the other hand, not one university gave a similar course. Von Leyden and von Mering in their textbooks give a great space to hydrotherapy. This Dilantin 125 is a significant sign of the drift of medical teachings in Germany, Dilantin 250 Mg the abandonment of the search for drugs of supposedly specific action and the acceptance of meth- ods of treatment without drugs. But America in this respect lags, according to the author, behind the Eu- ropean countries, although there are some indications that we are taking up this important branch of medi- cine. The admirable textbook on hydrotherapy, by " Haruch. has been translated into German. Pratt then explains the physiological Cheap Dilantin basis of hydrotherapy and

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