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Annual death rate per 1.000 12.82 15.55 14.61 Sexes — Males diflucan compresse costo 286 338 312 Females 218 273 246 Ages — Under 1 year 103 123 118 Between 1 and 5 years 39 45 45 Between 5 and pfizer diflucan costo 20 years 35 42 48 Between 20 and 60 Te;>.rs 222 239 232 Over 60 years 103 142 115 Important causes of death — Apoplexy 15 15 12 discount diflucan Brights disease 39 diflucan cost without insurance 43 44 Bronchitis diflucan cost with insurance 9 19 15 Consumption ...,.- Bl 69 60 Cancer 22 36 costo del diflucan 18 generic diflucan over counter Convulsions 14 13 12 Diphtheria 15 9 10 Heart disease 31 39 S6 Influenza ,- 3 6 9 Intestinal diseases, acute 29 21 16 Measles 2 3 diflucan 150 costo 5 Nervous buy generic diflucan online diseases .30 29 30 Pneumonia 86 111 96 Scarlet fever 4 6 Pmallpox 1 Suicide 6 7 6 Typhoid fever 7 5 7 generic diflucan no prescription Violence (other than suicide) 19 30 3S Whooping cough 9 All other causes 112 ■ 149 141 Regrets and longing for " an old fashioned winter generic diflucan fluconazole " should be tempered with congratulation and satisfaction that the public health of the city is better than for any corre- sponding January diflucan gel costo week on record. The 504 deaths re- ported are 107 generic diflucan online fewer than those of the previous week and 54 fewer diflucan costo than those of the corresponding week of 1905. On the basis of population the annual rate of the week is 16.7. and 12.2 per cent, lower than diflucan 150 mg costo for the previous week and for the corresponding week of last year respectively. February 3, 1906. ] PITH or CURRENT LITERATURE. how much diflucan cost 259 ipitb of €urrtnt l^iteralurt. AMERICAN MEDICINE. January zj, 1906. 1. Some Problems in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Puerperal Infection, By generic diflucan 150 mg B. generic diflucan cost C. Hirst. 2. Intestinal Hemorrhage diflucan cost as a Fatal Complication in Amcebic Dysentery, and Its Association with Liver Abscess, By Riciiakd P. Strong. 3. Tropical Liver Abscess. Report of Tliree Cases, with Special Reference to the Blood Findings, By J. Morgan Coffin. 4. Cyst of Kidney Simulating Ovarian Cyst, By Wii-MER Kru.sf.n.

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