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now in session after Order Differin Online receiving the necessary endorsements. The society also endorsed by resolution the pure food law now pending before Congress. The Mortality of Baltimore — Where To Buy Differin Gel The report of the health department for the week ending January 20th, as prepared by the secretary', showed a total of 188 deaths, as compared with 167 the corresponding Differin Gel Online week of last year, 188 in 1904, and 24Q in 1903. The annual death rate in a thousand of population was: Whole. 17.15; white, 14.27; colored. 32.50. Principal causes of death were : T.vphoid fever 1 Whooping cough 6 Diphtheria 2 lnl]uenza 1 Consumption 23 Cancer 6 Apoplexy 3 Heart diseases 24 Bronchitis Epiduo Vs Differin 4 Pneumonia 38 Bright's disease 11 Congenital debility 13 Lacli of care 6 Old age 5 Accidents, etc 7 The nativity of those who died was ; United States, white, 106; foreign. Differin Canada 23; colored, 54; unknown, Differin Gel Generic 5. Eight deaths occurred at Bayview Asylum, 17 in hospitals and 8 in other institutions. Twenty coroners' inquests were held. The following numbers of cases of infectious diseases were re- Differin For Acne Scars ported, as compared with the corresponding week of last year : 1905. in06. 1903. 1906. Smallpox 4 Measles 4 6 Diphtheria 25 29 Mumps 1 Croup 2 . . Whooping cough 1 24 Scarlet fever 34 13 Chlckenpox 13 10 Typhoid fever 10 10 Consumption 4 15 CHICAGO AND THE WEST. The Medical Department of the University of Michigan. — Dr. Roger S. Morris, instructor of internal medicine Differin Lotion Coupon in the medical department of the University of Michigan, has resigned to accept an appointment in the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore. Tuberculosis Quarantine in Peoria A tent colony to Buy Differin Gel 0.3 prevent the spread of tuberculosis is promised for Peoria within a short time. The council will be asked also to ap- propriate $600 yearly for the employment of a specially trained nurse for tuberculosis patients. The Illinois State Board of Health At the twenty-ninth annual meeting of the board, held recently Differin Adapalene Cream 0.1 at Springfield, Dr. George W. Webster, of Chicago, was elected president and Dr. James Generic Differin Gel A. Egan, of Springfield, was reelected sec- retary and treasurer. The Stark (Ohio) County Medical Society Differin Xp Gel The follow- ing is the list of officers of the society for 1906: President, A. B. Walker. Canton ; corresponding secretary. Dr. Frank W. Gavin Canton ; treasurer, Dr. G. F. Differin Vs Epiduo Zinninger, Can- ton : executive committee. Dr. J. F. Marchand and Dr. H. P. Pomerene. Canton ; Dr. Leon B. Santee, Marlboro ; Dr. W. C. Steele, New Berlin; Dr. N. W. Culbertson and Dr. D. Buy Differin Cream W. Gans, Coupon For Differin Gel Massillon. Statement of Mortality in Chicago for the Week Ending January 27, 1906, compared with the preceding week Differin And Acne Scars and with the corresponding week of 1905. Death rates com- puted on United Differin Gel Buy States Census Bureau's midyear population Differin Oily Skin — 2,049,185 for 1906 — 1,990.750 for 1905 : ,Tan. 27, Jan. 20, Jan. 28, 1906. 1906. Buy Differin Gel Online 1905. Total deaths, all causes 5n4 611 558

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