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tricial vagina, or for those Rosuvastatin 10 Mg who have undoubted obstruction of the bony canal, and for multiparae who have repeatedly lost children on account of their great size, section should be encouraged. Each Cheap Crestor woman can be assured that the operation is prac- tically safe, and that it requires little longer time than the ordinarv lvino;-in. Fobruary 3, Crestor Cost 1906.] NEWS ITEMS. Purchase Crestor 255 llftos |lrms. NEW YORK CITY AND STATE. Changes of Address — Dr. T. Joseph O'Connell, from Cornini; ic 72 Clinton Avenue, South, Rochester. The Harvey Society — Tho scvtiuh lecture of the Harvey course is announced for Saturday, I-'ebruary 3rd, at the Academy of Rosuvastatin 10 Medicine. Professor I'Vederick S. Lee, of Columbia University, is to lecture on the subject of Fatigue. The New York, Ontario and Western Railroad After twenty years of continuous service with the company, Dr James G. Hunt, of Utica, Jias been reappointed surgeon for the road. A Reception in Honor of Baron Takaki, surgeon general (retired) of tlie Japanese Navy, was given by Dr. Louis Livingston Seaman, of New York, on Sunday afternoon, January 28th. Jamestown, N. Y., Personals Dr. Ray Sackrider, re- cently associatol with Dr. A. A. Hubbell, of Buffalo, has opened an office at Jamestown. Crestor Price Dr. J. L. Hutchinson has removed from Jamestown to Denver, Col. The Geneva (N. Y.) Medical Society, with the president. Dr. Charles 1). .McCarthy, acting as toastmaster, enjoyed and did ample justice to its annual banquet, Order Crestor held on Thurs- day, Buy Crestor Online January i8th. The American Urological Association At the next meet- ing, on Wednesday evening, February 7th, Dr. Williain N. Wisbard, of Indianapolis, will read a paper entitled The Operative Treatment of Prostatic Hypertrophy. Bequest to the Brooklyn German Hospital Under the provisions of the will of Mary Roscnhanm. and in accord- ance with Buy Crestor the ruling of a justice of the Supreme Court, the hospital will receive $25,000. What Is Rosuvastatin The Department of Health of the Borough of Brooklyn. — Dr. Thoinas R. Ma.xfield, of Brooklyn, has been ap- pointed acting assistant sanitary superintendent, to fill the vacancy Crestor Online caused by the removal, by the board, of his pre- decessor. The Milk Commission of the Medical Society of the County of New York announces that, while it has super- vision of only that portion of a dealer's milk which carries its certification, it does not intend to allow a dealer known to have Buy Cheap Crestor adulterated milk to sell certified milk. Syracuse Academy of Medicine — At a meeting of the Syracuse Academy of Medicine held last week papers were read by Dr. 1. H. Levy and Dr. E. W. Belknap. Dr. Levy's paper was on Food Stagnation, and that of Dr. Belknap was on An I'nusual Obstetrical Case. To Aid Seney Hospital — Atorvastatin Rosuvastatin The Florence Nightingale Asso- ciation of St. John's Methodist Episcopal Church. Bedford avenue and Wilson street, will give an interesting enter- tainment in the Sunday school hall next Tuesday evening for the benefit of Seney Hospital. The Fulton Rosuvastatin Calcium (N. Y.) Physicians' and Surgeons' Associa- tion — Tlic annual meeting was hold on Thursday, January i8th, and the Generic Crestor following officers were elected : President. Dr. S. A. Russell ; vice-president. Dr. Harriet 'M. Doane ; sec- retary and treasurer. Dr. Charles J. Bacon ; censors. Dr. E. J. Cusack, Dr. W. M. Wells, Dr. Homer P. Marsh; trustees, Dr. L. Fowler Joy, Dr. N. H. Haviland. Dr. F. E. Crestor Tablets Fox. Associated Physicians of Long Island in Annual Meet- ing — The eighth annual meeting of the .\ssociatcd Physi- cians of Long Island was held last week in the Medical Society's Building. 1313 Bedford avenue. Brooklyn. Dr. H. .\. Kelly, of Baltimore, read a paper. Dr. E. H. Bartley was elected president ; Drs. J. E. Hutcheson, H. B. Dela- tour, Order Crestor Online and A. H. Terry, vice-presidents; Purchase Crestor Online Dr. J. C. Hancock, secretary, and Dr. C. B. Bacon, treasurer. A Gift to Stony Wold Sanatorium at Kushaqua, N. Y Crestor Mg

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