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score of years. It was well that Odd Fellows' Hall was secured for the sessions, for, though its capacity is more than three times that of the room in the city hall in which medical societ}' meetings have been held for so many years, it was tested to the full at the afternoon session of the first day. The evening session of the same day drew probably the largest number that has ever attended a medical function of any kind in the State of New York. The cordiality of the greetings of those who had been members of the rival organizations was a noteworthy characteristic, and its full propor- tion of attendance ail through the sessions was contributed by the former New York State Medi- cal Association. Of the completeness of the re- union cleocin suppositories there could be no doubt, and it is very evident that the profession of the State is about to enter on cleocin t acne a career of usefulness to its members and order cleocin online the commonwealth that will make for bet- terment cleocin iv in every line. The details of organiza- tion are still in cleocin t pads the hands of the ad interim House of Delegates, consisting of the officers and the members of the committee of conference, to w horn the task of arranging all matters was dele- gated by the court until the annual meeting in 1907. The scientific part of the sessions did not suf- fer in interest from preoccupation over the cen- tenary celebration. While the usual " symposia " are missed from the programme, a number of practical papers of general interest were dis- cussed so freely and by clinical observers of such cleocin cream acne experience as to create the " symposium " atmo- sjihere. This can buy cleocin t be seen particularly in this week's Joiinial in the discussion of the use of cycloplegics, of the correction of muscle insuffi- ciencies, and of refraction problems generally evoked cleocin 600 mg by cleocin 100 mg the cleocin oral first paper of the session. It is evident that the combined organizations have entered upon an era of fellowship and good will from which much can be expected for science as well as for professional advance. THE TESTICLE AS A DUAL ORGAN. Those functions of the testicle that are distinct from the process of elaborating spermatozooids appear to have received more study at the'hands of our French colleagues than from others. Some of the French writers carry the distinction so far as to cleocin topical gel describe the testicle as consisting of two separate organs. This conception is well exem- plified in an article contributed by Ancel, of Lyons, and cleocin cost Bouin, of Nancy, to the Prcssc mcdi- cale for January 13th. These authors apply the term seminal gland to that portion of the testicle which produces the spermatozooids, and the name interstitial gland to that portion which is credited with other functions, chiefly that of fur- nishing to the blood an internal secretion. The two writers mentioned do not, indeed, seem satis- fied with cleocin antibiotic the word interstitial, but prefer to use the word diastematic (diasfnnafiquc) , from <\iaarv/jd, an interstice. When the functional activity of the interstitial elements is defective, they call the condition diastematic insufficiency, and if there is complete lack of such activity, there is said to be adiastematia (adiastematie) . Testicu- lar insufficiency, therefore, according to them, cleocin phosphate is divisible into cleocin 900 mg spermatic and diastematic insuffi- ciency. Either of these forms, they say, may cleocin 2 af- fect both testicles or only one. Spermatic insufficiency, even amounting to cleocin topical solution complete azoospermatism, is normal in old men. The result, of course, is barrenness, a condition that is often brought about in younger men by occlusion of the vasa deferentia as the conse- quence of pathological processes. When that happens there is not necessarily any defect of the secretory function itself; only the specific prod- uct of glandular action is prevented from gaining February 3, 1006. EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 2m egress from the seminal canals. In certain crypt- orchids also the spermatic gland may be cleocin tablets said not to exist, although the interstitial pland is nor- mally developed and jjossessed of full functional activit3^ The authors think that tho interstitial gland cleocin suspension may undertjo compensatory hy])crtrophy :

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