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water; Damholid II, a fine, brownish red powder, equally as soluble Cardura N10 in water as the preceding. The remedy is given in anaemia of steers in the fol- lowing doses : Of the liquid. 26 Cc. ; of Damholid I and II, 30 Cc. of a 20 to 25 per cent, solution. 652 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL AND PHILADELPHIA MEDICAL JOURNAL. A Weekly Review of Medicine, ESTABLIBHUD IN 18^. Edited by FRANK P. FOSTER^ M. D. Published by the A. R. Elliott Publishing Company. Remittances should be made by New York Exchange or post office or express money oriier payable to the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by Cardura Vs Flomax unregistered mail. Address all communications to A. R. Buy Cardura Online ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY, 66 West Broadzi'oy, Ncia York. PHILiDBLPHIA OfFICS Cardura E10p : 3713 Walnut Street. Chicago Oftick : 221 Randolph Street. Entered at Cardura Generic Name the Post Office at New York and admitted for transportation through the mail as second class matter. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1905 JOURNALISTIC HYSTERIA. It is well known in the offices of medical journals that the business managers of the various publica- tions are perpetually striving to get the better of each other. Their doings in this endeavor are fre- quently the subject of talk in the offices, but they are not dwelt upon to any noteworthy extent. We have always thought that Cardura For Bph it would answer no good purpose to refer to them in print, and our observa- tion has been to the effect that our contemporaries were of the same opinion. But the Journal of the American Medical Association has broken away from this dignified position. In its issue for March 25th there is contained a vicious and scurrilous at- tack on the president of Cardura E10p Msds the company that owns and publishes this journal, Mr. A. R. Cheap Cardura Elliott, and in- cidentally on the journal itself Cardura 1 Mg and on its editor. The article is based on a letter sent by Mr. Elliott, as president of our publishing company, to certain manufacturing pharmacists, inviting them to Order Cardura give their views concerning Cardura 10 Mg the American Medical As- sociation's recently promulgated rules for estimating the ethical status of proprietary medicinal prepara- tions. Cardura 6 Mg The article published in the Journal of the American Purchase Cardura Medical Association is so undignified and so hysterical that we cannot account for its appear- ance except on the supposition that our Chicago contemporary felt itself to have been hard hit by Mr. Elliott's Cardura Classification letter, Cardura Online and that, we think, will be the interpretation put upon it Cardura Tablets by the great majority of readers. Not only has our contemporary's equanimity been ruffled, but it seems to Flomax Vs Cardura have feared that its veracity might be called in question, for, instead of simply quoting the text of Mr. Elliott's letter, it gives up nearly an entire page of its Cardura Bph valu- able space to a full sized fac simile reproduction of the letter — a " yellow " procedure to which it Cardura E10

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