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certain standard requirements of examination for registration among as large a number of States as possible, and then reciprocity in buspar 10mg pills licensing among those States, who makes generic buspar as a nucleus, which more States can be induced to join. Efforts toward reciprocity among individual pairs of States would not tend directly toward general reciprocity, and to that extent would constitute a waste of effort. Having said so much in direct reply to buspar generic buspirone the ques- tion as put, may I now suggest that the line of ef- fort required to accomplish what is termed " inter- state reciprocity in licensing " might be exerted to 246 CORRESPONDENCE. [New York Medical Journal. a better purpose in generic buspar price working for a simple, compre- hensive set of national government examinations, held as civil service examinations are held, in vari- ous places buspar 15 mg high simultaneously, which would license qualified individuals to practise anywhere in the United States. But before striving for this alone, should we not consider whether any set of examinations, either State or national, can determine fitness to practice medicine? In average cost buspar too many States the ability to answer a long list of more or less superannuated questions on paper is all that is required. Probably in all States there are individuals who teach the answers to this class of questions to all buspar 10 mg three times day comers for a fee. Also, there are books wherein hundreds of such questions are given, with the appropriate answers, for the benefit of all who wish to 45 mg buspar learn them. Pos- sibly it is because of an attempt to remedy this that it do you need a prescription for buspar seems as if in some States scores of questions were being asked, bearing upon points of infinitesimal where can i buy buspar online buspar 15 mg twice day importance, necessitating the temporary commit- ment to memory of an enormous number of minor facts by the candidates for registration. A few States, however, notably in the West, have taken a more enlightened view, inasmuch as they admit to registration graduates of certain schools without examination. I say enlightened, because it seems as if there had been a realization that no series of questions can compare with buspar generic problems a four years' course in- cluding the practical experience obtained in a medi- cal school of the first class. Legal requirements of good character, etc., with regard to fitness for the practice of medicine, buspar 30 mg high are practically a dead letter, since, excepting much does buspar cost without insurance possibly in an occasional flagrant case, they are necessarily even less inquired into by State examining boards than by medical schools. Better than any examination of individuals would be proper, continuous government supervision of the medical schools by medical and scientific men of national standing, with regard to the time spent in instruction, the actual clinical and laboratory work buspar 15 mg done, as well as the character of examinations and tests buspar 10mg tab given the students throughout their whole course. If a State desires to satisfy itself regarding an individual's fitness to practise medicine it can do buspar 10mg high so to much better purpose by observing him for four years in a medical school under qualified instructors, than by any system of questioning extending over a portion of a few days. Furthermore, State or gov- ernment examinations could be combined to ad- vantage with the school's examinations in each subject. Such continuous government supervision would soon dispose of many schools where requirements and practical teaching are at a low ebb, and this would be to the advantage of the students who do not know that they are getting less than they are en- titled to, as well as to the profession to buspar available generic whose ranks half trained men are constantly being added. But all this makes no provision for licensing non- graduates. For such presumably there must be some form of examination retained. But I believe that the right to practise anywhere in the United States can be obtained buspar cost australia for graduates of the best schools, without subsequent examination, by proper- ly directed efiforts in presenting the facts to the public and to legislators. Dr. W. Peyre Porcher, of Charleston, S. C, answers the question by saying:

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