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In the consideration of this subject physicians mav be thus classed : (i.) Those registered as result of examination purchase bimatoprost held by a State board of medical examiners. bimatoprost price (2.) Those registered by virtue of practice antedating statutory regulation of medical practice. Both classes are interested in the adoption of a procedure which would be easy for the physician, protective to the public and preservative of the gen- eral reputability and character of the profession. A careful examination of the laws of the various States discloses recognition of license as the pre- vailing method of securing admission from one State to another. In some of the States buy bimatoprost online there is no provision whatever made for the recognition of class (2), and the physician who has been long in practice and through years of service won capability and reputation, finds himself barred from removal to another State. ■ The injustice of this discrimination is unbear- ■ order bimatoprost able. The law of one State, particularly (Mary- land), and possibly another (New York), however, presents an admirable provision whereby the dif- ficulty is overcome, and the physician who has garnered knowledge at the bedside and had char- acter moulded in the crucible of duty bimatoprost canada finds himself welcomed in this state by the simple presentation of proofs of practice and reputability. The control of removal into Maryland is lodged in the board of medical examiners through a special examination which, in the discretion of the board, may be granted to physicians of other States desirous of acquiring residence in lumigan bimatoprost the State named. The au- thority is broad and bimatoprost ophthalmic liberal. While the usual method of extending comity by recognition of license is authorized, and places Maryland in har- monious relation with sister States, its exercise is | not obligatory upon the board of medical examiners. ' The law of Maryland reads: "Physicians and surgeons of good moral purchase bimatoprost online and professional standing who shall buy bimatoprost uk hereafter come into this State with intent to follow the practice of medicine and surgerj' with- in this State, being graduates of a medical college or university of good standing, or having a certifi- cate or license from a board of medical examiners of any State where the requirements for practice are equal to those required by the board named in this article, may make application to the president of either board of medical examiners of this State, which application shall be made under oath and shall state when and how long said applicant has been engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery, and from what medical college, university, or other institution of learning buy cheap bimatoprost he or she graduated, and thereupon the board of medical examiners may require said applicant to submit to a special ex- amination, the terms and methods of which shall be prescribed by the board of medical order bimatoprost online examiners. After the examination and determination of said board thereupon, that said applicant is qualified to practise medicine and surgery bimatoprost synthesis and that he is en- J Febniaiy 3, 1000-1 OUR READERS' DISCUSSIONS. 245 titled to a license, a license shall be issued to him." Under the authority thus bimatoprost cost granted to hold this " spe- cial examination " under such " terms and meth- ods " as the board may prescribe, pliysicians of other States have been licensed in Maryland under an examination designed to ascertain their general capability and determine their moral character and professional standing as established in the locality bimatoprost uk where they have previously practiced. The plnsician who has been engaged in practice and has matle his reputation should realize upon his capital. Under the Maryland law such an asset is measured at full value and the owner spared the anxiety and possible humiliation of a technical ex- bimatoprost 0.03 amination upon details which have been forgotten or displaced by the more valuable lessons of prac- cheap bimatoprost tical clinical experience. And while the procedure thus generic bimatoprost outlined favors the physician, its exercise saves the profession of the State in which residence is contemplated the engrafting upon it of bimatoprost online the incap- able and unworthy. Since its enactment, a decade since, but one man coming into Maryland under its provisions, bimatoprost 0.01 has proven undesirable. This degree of excellence haS* not been maintained among those

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