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too close to a gas jet or gas stove, as its vapors are thereby decomposed, Biaxin Antibiotic forming products which when in- haled by the patient, surgeon, and assistants may give rise to disagreeable and even serious effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and pulmonary and renal irritation. — International Journal of Surgery. 244 OUR READERS' DISCUSSIONS. [New York Medical Jocbnai. ©nr iUabrrs' IHisnissions. A SERIES OF PRIZE ESSAYS. Questions for discussion in this department are an- nounced at frequent intervals. So far as Biaxin Xl 500mg they have been decided upon, the further Biaxin Price questions are as follows: XLVI. — Hoiv do you treat a sprained anklef {Answers due not later than January is, igo6.) XLVII. — How do you treat whooping coughT {Answers due not later than February 15, igo6. XLVIII. — How do you Antibiotic Biaxin treat pruritus anif {Answers due not later than March ij, igio6. Whoever anszuers one of these questions in the manner ■most satisfactory to the editors and their advisors will re- ceive a prize of $25. No importance whatever will be at- tached to literary style, but the award will be based solely on the value of the substance of the answer. It is requested {but not required) that the answers be short; if practicable, no one answer to contain more than six hundred words. Biaxin Buy Online All Biaxin Xl persons will be entitled to compete under the regu- lations Biaxin Online laid down by the postal authorities. This prize will Biaxin 500 not be awarded Antibiotics Biaxin to any one person more than once within one year. Every answer must be accompanied by the writer's full name and address, Order Biaxin both of which we must be at liberty to publish. All papers contributed become the property of the Journal. The prize Biaxin Antibiotics of $25 for the best essay submitted in answer to question XLV has been awarded to Dr. William Warren Potter, of Biaxin 500mg Biaxin Xl 500 Buffalo, whose article appeared on page 139. PRIZE QUESTION NO. XLV. INTERSTATE RECIPROCITY IN LICENS- ING. {Continued {ram page Biaxin 500 Mg 195.) Dr. J. McPherson Scott, of Hagerstown, Md., re- marks: Of overshadowing importance to the registered physician are the Hmitations under State regula- tion of medical practice affecting his removal from one state to another, as pleasure, health, superior professional opportunity, or any of the many in- fluences governing life may suggest. Under exist- ing legal conditions his transmigration to another field of Purchase Biaxin effort is dependent upon the comity existing between the States known as interstate medical reciprocity. The consideration of " How it may be best ac- complished " should involve acceptance of the basic principles vmderlying State regulation of medical practice, viz. — the uplifting of the profession to a higher plane of Cheap Biaxin intellectual attainments and profes- sional character and the consequent advantage arising therefrom to the public. Registration, and the legal status it secures to the physician and Buy Biaxin surgeon, is dependent in Biaxin Cost one class upon practice antedating regulation of medical practice, and, in the other class, upon the possession of a license issued as re- sult of successful examination before a board of medical examiners. The preliminary requirements in the latter procedure present and emphasize the relationship existing between the profession and the public, and in the consideration of this, or any other question arising out of this relationship, the under- lying and fundamental Biaxin Order principles to which allusion has been made, should be respected. With these premises established let us pass by the ordinary practice of mere recognition of- a State license (as a means of securing registration in another State) as not in harmony with the establishment and main- tenance of a higher standard of professional cap- ability and character, and therefore defective and unsuited as a basis upon which a just comity in the interest of the profession and the public should rest.

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