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New York Hospital, Out-Patient Department, and A'anderbilt Clinic yielding but comparatively few cases of gonococcus vaginitis ; and also Dr. Ira S. Wile, clinical pathologist to the Children's Depart- ment, Vanderbilt Clinic, for his painstaking care in the microscopical examination of the specimens sub- mitted to buy benoquin cream him in connection with these cases. In conclusion, I wish to emphasize the following points : 1. The benoquin online great need for early diagnosis and treat- ment. 2. The necessity for frequent douching with large quantities of the solution. 3. benoquin cream 20 The nonuse of absorbent cotton as a dressing for the parts. 4. The need for care and gentleness in the treat- ment. 5. That a case should not be considered as cured until not only the discharge has stopped, but it is no longer possible to find the gonococcus in the vaginal secretions microscopically. 6. The need of impressing the mother with the serious nature of the disease and the necessity for treatment until benoquin monobenzone cream the gonococci have entirely disap- peared. 7. The greater dissemination of knowledge among those men and women who sufTer from gon- orrhoea, as to its infectiousness to others, and its . power to do, at times, great harm, at a period re- mote benoquin cream from the time of primary infection when the disease remains uncured. 8. The great necessity for care in keeping cases of gonococcus vaginitis benoquin 20 out of the day nurseries benoquin price and babies' hospitals, because of the epidemic character which it assumes among the inmates once it has gained a foothold. 147 West Seventy-second Street. February 3, inoC.) HAUBOLD: TUBERCULOSIS OF THE APPENDIX VERMIFORMIS. 243 TUBERCULOSIS OF THE monobenzone benoquin APPENDIX VER- MIFORMIS, WITH REPORT OF A CASE. By H. a. HAUBOLD, M. D., NEW YORK, CLINICAL PROFESSOR IN SURGERY, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY AND BELLEVUE HOSPITAL MEDICAL COLLEGE; SURGEON TO HARLEM HOSPITAL, ETC. Tlie question of the port of entrance of tuber- culous infection and the route benoquin cream for sale by which the tubercle bacilH gain access to the more remote portions of the body has been widely discussed. Bone tuber- culosis is now quite generally regarded as embolic and secondary to some forms of tuberculosis in an organ readily accessible to invasion from the outside and so it is with solitary tubercle in the brain and tuberculosis in other parts, organs and tissues. llow'evcr, it is contended by a not inconsiderable number of observers that primary intestinal tuber- culosis occurs quite frequently and indeed the writer has seen one case in which tuberculous adenitis was restricted to a single chain benoquin vitiligo of mesenteric glands and no ulceration was present in the ilium in the buy benoquin area drained by the involved nodes. In this case the glands were removed by casliotomy, the ])alieiU mak- ing an uneventful recovery. Although tuberculosis of the intestine occurs late in the course of pulmonar}' tuberculosis, involve- ment of the crecum buy benoquin online is not so frequently seen : how- ever, in 1835, Dupau reported a case of tuberculosis of the caecum with perforation and peritonitis ; in 1843 '^O" ^'aly and in 1844 von P.odard gave a cnm- plete description of tuberculous typhilitis. In 185 1 Albers slated that perforation of the appendix ver- miformis did result from tuberculous ulceration, and in 1859 Leudet verified the fact. (These historical references are taken from an Inaugural Dissertation by Rudolph Bom, Berlin, 1897.) Kelly, of Baltimore, has collected six cases of ap- Ijarently primary tuberculosis of the appendix, all •of which seem to have done better than my patient. In four, definite claim for complete recovery after

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