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then the buy cheap atarax mother, and lastly the child. In none of the cases cited as so infected was I able in any other way to account for the infec- tion, though my inquiry was of the most searching character. Probably the majority of cases of gonococcus vaginitis in little girls occur in families of the poorer class, where of necessity the sleeping quar- buy atarax ters are crowded, the bathing facilities poor and adapted to the easy transfer of the gonococcus from the mother to the little girl by means of the sheets or wash rags, etc. There are seven cases, or over 50 per cent, in- fected indirectly by the father, and I think in this series cases Nos. VIII and generic atarax IX ought rightly to be included under the same, though infected by their purchase atarax sister with whom they slept. We should have then 75 per cent infected indirectly by the father. In cases II, VIII, IX, and X the patients were infected by sleeping with a child already suft'ering from a vaginal discharge. In case XI the patient was discovered to have a discharge a day or so after her return from a day nursery. The following method of treatment was carried out in all the cases except as hereinafter stated. The mother was told to provide herself with a soft rubber catheter, not larger than No. 15, French, and given implicit instruction as to its sterilization, that atarax 25 mg cheap atarax is, to boil it for from five to ten minutes before ยป Read before the Section in PiBdiatrics of the New Torls Academy of Medicine, December 14, 1905. and after use. She also had to purchase a two quart fountain syringe bag, and by means of a medicine dropper she was able to effect very nicely a con- . nection between the tubing of the fountain syringe, and the catheter. The bag was filled with a warm solution of potassium permanganate of the approxi- mate strength of i to 4,000, then elevated some three feet or more above the level of the buttocks, the child reclining on a douche pan, with thighs flexed and abducted to full extent. The catheter, being atarax 10mg then lubricated with chondrus jelly or gly- cerin, was introduced into the vagina, and the full amount of solution allowed to flow. This was done twice or three times a day, according to the severity of the case. A solution of potassium permanganate of the strength of atarax tablets i to 100 was prescribed : 3vj of this to Oij of water gives a solution of the approximate strength of 1-4,000, and lends itself easily to any desired changes in the strength of solution to be used. After the discharge became slight in amount and mucopurulent in character, the potassium perman- ganate was stopped and douches of zinc sulphate and alum, 5i to water Oj, were given morning and evening. At each visit of the patient to the clinic, virtually the same treatment was where to buy atarax carried out, making use, however, of a four ounce hand syringe and atarax 50 mg inject- ing eight ounces. This was done not so much for the good which it did the child, but more for its moral effect upon the mother, and to insure the keeping up of the treat- ment. These cases atarax mg are often long in getting well and the mother must be kept up to the mark in some way, else she neglects the treatment and the child suffers accordingly. What really seems to count is the frequent douching of the parts with large amounts of the solution, because the accumu- lated mass of infectious material is thus mechanical- ly washed away, and the early institution of the treatment, for in every order atarax online case where treatment fol- lowed promptly upon the discovery and diagnosis purchase atarax online of the case, a cure was obtained in a comparatively short time. The long, hard cases were those brought for treatment after the lapse of some time. When the discharge becaine slight, and the child was using the zinc and alum douches at home, upon the occasion of its visits to the clinic solutions of silver nitrate were used in strengths of 1-2,000, i- 1,000, atarax online 1-500, 1-250, 1-125; 3j to 5ss was injected into the vagina, using the child's own catheter and a small instillation syringe, and held in for a minute or two. This usually completed the cure. The urethra in only two of this series became in- volved, with the consequent frequency of urination buy atarax online and bitter complaint of pain and discomfort during the passage of the urine, and followed occasionally perhaps by the passage of a few drops of blood. The atarax price application of a 10 per cent, solution of silver nitrate, on a suitable order atarax swab, directly to the inflamed urethra, while causing a great uproar on atarax cost the part of the patient atarax tablets 25mg at the time of application, nevertheless

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