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HOWARD: ATHLETICS FOR YOUNG WOMEN. 239 abuse and injury from misdirected physical exercise among girls need not necessarily be an iconoclast. Woman is physiologically other than man and no proper education can change her, but false educa- ■ tion can jjcrvert her, and misdirected order arcoxia online physical ex- ercise can injure her beyond recovery. The pendulum has swung too far in this matter of athletics for young women, and the man who best realizes this fact is the physician who is also an athlete, for it is he who understands the biology and physiology of the sex, as well as the force and viol- ence exerted in certain forms of exercise. The scientilic medical man deeply realizes that woman has characteristic differences from man in every organ and tissue. This fact is frequently ignored in large public schools, especially in the high schools, and it is among these institutions that the abuse of athletics is mostly seen. Boys from 14 to 18 years of age are practically a physiological unit. There is, of course, among arcoxia online them all the different phases of growth and char- acter during adolescence, but they can all be prac- tically placed on the same line in physical exercise. It is vastly different with the adolescent girl. In a class of 100 whose ages vary from 15 to 18 will be found those who need absolute physical rest, others who need the careful advice of their physician, and a few who purchase arcoxia require plenty of physical exercise to buy etoricoxib submerge an excessive psychic energy which etoricoxib 60 mg if not directed into etoricoxib tablets physical channels will order arcoxia result in ruinous nervous excesses. In most private schools for girls arcoxia mg these facts are recognized ; here each girl is treated arcoxia 90mg as a unit in physical exercise and the best results obtained. This cannot be done in the large generic arcoxia public high schools. It is unfortunate that in some of the colleges there exist a class of teachers who are apparently ashamed of their sex and will not acknowledge that woman is different than men. These teachers say a girl should try vaulting, high jumping, sprinting, and broad jumping, and make an effort to equal the record of man. These forms of exercise are dangerous and injurious to the young woman, especially to the purchase arcoxia online nerve tensioned American girl, as I have reason to know, for many who think they have only tempor- arily strained their physical endurance have in real- ity injured their nervous systems. If mothers would remember that there are many disturbances which, though they act primarily on the physiological functions, yet exert their direct effect on the psychic buy arcoxia activities, they would be arcoxia tablets very care- ful what form of exercise their adolescent daughters are taking. Girls should do no physical work except walking and swimming for the first year after puberty. This statement may appear radical, but it buy cheap arcoxia is founded not alone on buy arcoxia online my professional experience, but is the con- sensus of opinion among all physicians who have given this subject thought and examination. Probablv the best form of exercise for girls is swimming. Walking is normal, body developing etoricoxib arcoxia exercise and should be regularly done, etoricoxib msd in the coun- try if possible, with hill climbing to open the many unused cells of the lungs. Fencing is excellent for the fully developed woman, but inadvisable for the girl. Cold shower or sponge baths every morning will be of great benefit to most girls and women, arcoxia cost but not unless there is a glow on the skin immediately after, and a physical and mental feeling of exuber- ance. However, every girl who is free from organic disease can derive the benefits from cold baths by commencing in the sunmier and keeping them up through the winter. She soon will look forward to her morning bath with pleasure. These baths will keep the skin fresh, harden the flesh and promote the flow of blood to the internal organs, a very ne- cessary item in the health of arcoxia price women. Any form of exercise that causes undue psychic excitement, such as personal contests or basket ball games between rival schools, is too great a strain on the developing nervous system ; for in the adolescent girl every organ and tissue is trying to get adapted to the new life, and this will never bloom with all its rightful beauty and strength if deprived of one minute's growth of nerve power. The unavoidable psychic excitement accompanying contests where personal or team efforts are strained to win from

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