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Well, he was rather a satisfactory patient any- Cost Of Chloroquine way, at all events quite a contrast to the one that follows. He enters Chloroquine Aralen with an air of great anxiety. " I have come," says he, " to ask you to refer me to the best oculist in St. Louis." i reply that I also am an oculist. " I know. Doctor, but this is for an operation. I need, I fear, an operation." " But I also operate." " Yes, I know, but this is a serious matter." _ The fellow, for such he proves himself to be by his every sentence, even to the last, Aralen Price is finally got rid of. His memory, lingering, forces upon me the disagreeable generalization that all the trials of this long day are matters hardly so much of ignorance as of sheer bad manners. People know enough to do better, if they were only better bred. And I am forced to wonder, too, if matters have always been so, and whether they will indeed be so forever. In the midst of my wonderings I am interrupted. There is ushered in the last, and by far the most satisfactory, of the Order Aralen spectacle patients of the day. He is an intelligent farmer, a man truly typical of all that is good and desirable and honest and -sensible in this country. Of good healthy brawn, he is of good healthy brain also. But his eyes hurt him. And he likes to read. So he comes to have the trouble righted. A moment at the case and I see Buy Cheap Aralen Buy Chloroquine he needs atropine. I explain the necessity, What Is Chloroquine and also the temporary in- conveniences that follow fehe use of that drug. " Whatever you say," he answers tersely, and with confidence. An hour later Purchase Aralen Online I have his correction. " How much to pay ? " So much. He pays it. A month later he hails me from a distance. " See all right Buy Aralen Online now. Doctor," he says. And that is all. Yet I understand him. And he understands me too. He has helped me, a very little. I have helped him, very much indeed. He knows which side the ledger the balance really lies. And he knows that I know it. He pays Chloroquine Buy me, however, the compliment of not using words un- necessarily. I perceive (quite as well as if he had flung a large library of dictionaries at me to say it) that he does not regard me as a robber, that he knows that I understand my business, that a jeweler or a druggist with six weeks in an optical Purchase Aralen college does not, that he does not come for impossible in- surance of diseased organs, that I am capable of conducting my examinations without advice or sug- gestion from my patients, that I like a man to be pleasant without at the Aralen Online same time Chloroquine Tablets stopping to talk me to death ; and I appreciate his intelligence, and I love especially his economy of words. I rejoice, too, in the fact that there are more of him. For he Chloroquine Price has a wife and a large family ; and they are all wise and intelligent like him. I shall Aralen Tablets never inform him, however, quite how highly I esteem him, for' that would spoil the emotion, possibly him also. Yet, nevertheless, to-night, should Order Aralen Online I happen to be a praying man, I shall probably ask the good Lord to bless this noble gentleman and also all of his kind and kindred in Aralen Cost every corner of the world. ATHLETICS FOR YOUNG WOMEN. By WILLIAM LEE HOWARD, M. D., B.\LTIMORE. I am a strong advocate of athletic sports for Buy Aralen both boys and girls. I am professionally convinced that the present activity in athletics, in baseball and foot- ball contests, has been the channel through which normal youthful energy has been properly directed and many a youth made into a self governing man who otherwise would have been a physical and moral nonentity. I am also an advocate Aralen Phosphate of physical exercise for girls and yoimg women, but strictly along sex lines. A medical critic who has seen much Februaiy 3, 1006.)

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