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" That's Order Ampicillin all right though ; that's the way to get rich." Though all my logical pearls are certainly wasted, this man is a human being, and a brother ; my heart somewhat aches when I think of the long darkness- that will come to him, and of his great stupid floun- dering mind attempting to entertain itself in that darkness. This, however, is only one of the trials at the trial case. " It's all in the day's work." Next. A little girl. Her papa with her. Painful eyes and bad lessons. Does she need glasses ? Her eyes are red, and I evert the lids. Then I see a case of granulated eyelids in its most terrible form. I show the father, and inform him that this is not a case for glasses. " So-and-so," says he, mentioning the name of a graduate of a six weeks' diploma mill, " cures granulated eyelids with spectacles." " Does he ? " I respond. " Then he should not be so modest. He ought to step up and permit the 'medical profes- sion of all the earth to honor him." But the pearl is trampled. Ampicillin 500 The man and Buy Ampicillin Online his daughter are gone, to seek the shameless graduate of the shameless mill. A woman has broken a lens, and wants a new one. Can I furnish one lens only? Oh, most certainly. She has not brought her glasses with her ; some day she will return with the glasses, she says. The superfluous visit is ended. Now enter parents with a cross eyed boy. His is properly a case for operation, but the parents know best. I tell them the truth about the matter once and yet again. Still they think they know best. Well, drops will Ampicillin 500 Mg do some good. Ampicillin 500mg Glasses will do more good. Further, training will do a great deal of good. But the case is too far gone to be entirely curable without operation ; and, looking down the future for a year or two, I see the parents one day in " the city " having an operation. They return triumphantly, and tell how Dr. Shastid tried to cure their son without operation but failed. " Then Dr. So-and-so, of St. Buy Acillin Louis, operated, and now the eye is all right. We're so glad we went." And the city oculist is calmly assumed to have exclusive informa- tion on the subject of cross eyes. Two ladies of middle age, one of whom insists that she is a lady indeed, and that she therefore must be examined with unusual care. I promise her great care. " I knew you would not neglect me, Doctor," says she, as she ignores the chair I offer her, and takes another. At last I get her in the right chair. After much difficulty I succeed in focusing her attention on the test letters. ■' I can only read the top line." " What ! Can't you read any more than that? I'm astonished." " Oh Online Ampicillin I can read more, but then I have to look." " All right ; please read, even though you have to look." " Well, Doctor, it sometimes seems just as if a little scum was growing over my eyes." " Kindly read, even at the expense Buy Ampicillin of looking." " I can see the letters, but I can't tell what they mean." ■■ Oh they don't mean anything. They aren't sup- posed to make sense. They are just isolated, just separate, letters." " If they don't make sense, what do you have them for?" " To test eyes with — when I can." I may have sounded just Purchase Ampicillin the slightest undertone of expostula- tion. " Don't get cross, Doctor. I'm the one that's suffering." I have my doubts. However, I try to seem de- lighted with her humor, and I smile my sweetest smile. Patient suddenly begins Cheap Ampicillin reading softly to herself, low down on the card, among the very smallest letters. I say, " speak a little louder, please. I can't^^tell whether you are getting the letters right or not." Patient's patience is thoroughly exhausted. She has borne with me long enough. With a look of infinite scorn, she exclaims, " Well, I know ; I know whether I'm getting them right or not. Do for

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