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modified and altered it as circumstances required, so that the vaccination division of albenza 400mg the bureau of health has developed into its most important and has demonstrated, if demonstration were needed, that good methods generic albenza are developed, rather than made to order. A board of health existed in Manila under the Spanish albenza 200 mg regime and gave counsel to the govern- ment. Members of the board went to places in- fected with epidemic diseases, studied their aetiology, prescribed rules and regulations, rendered reports, etc. albenza price A board buy cheap albenza of health was established by the mili- tary authorities and the sanitary orders of the pro- vost marshal are about the best regulations known to the writer. They are comprehensive, clear, prac- tical and definite. In the period of reaction against militarism, many of the orders have been changed, not usually bettered. It is hoped that these changes will be rechanged so as to swing back to the original position, with the additional force which will have been albenza cost added by a phraseology somewhat better suited to the legal point of view. But on the whole, the writer believes after an experience of three years that the sanitary orders of the provost marshal constitute the best working formulae for health legislation with which he is acquainted. Their weakness is not in their sanitary order albenza but in their legal aspect. Most of us here remember the outbreak, the spread and the final outrush throughout these Is- lands of the cholera epidemic of 1902 and 1903. At cheap albenza any early date quarantine might have been effective, but within a week, or at any rate within two weeks, it was obvious that quarantine was impossible, de- tention camps were useless and treatment hardly more advanced than in Hamburg and Altona albenza online dur- ing the cholera epidemic there. purchase albenza online The writer felt compelled to state over his signature to his chief in Washington that all precautions against the spread of the epidemic were albendazole albenza doomed to failure ; that rational efforts to relieve the sufferings of the sick and destitute were all that could be hoped for, and that the epidemic would cease only when the vulner- able material would be exhausted. The tragedy of that period when 110,000 persons perished cannot be forgotten by those whose duty is was to aid and comfort the people. And the tragedy was made the more heart breaking by the strenuous denial of certain physicians at the beginning of the epidemic that cholera existed ; the unfounded reports of poisoned wells, which resulted in the detention and trial of several persons, all of whom were acquitted. One who can you buy albendazole over counter reads of the cholera epidemic of 1818 to 1820 in Manila will recognize the distressing simi- larity of conditions which existed between 1818 and 1902. It is the hope of the writer to give at a future time an account of this epidemic with its statistics and its lesson. Let it suffice, therefore, to - say that the statistics are conservative and among the lessons are the following: 1. Recognize cholera at the beginning; that is not difficult clinically and microscopically. 2. Acknowledge it frankly ; control it in its in- cipiency by heroic means if necessary. 3. Provide stores and comforts for the sick and destitute. 4. No method of treatment, so far developed, save one perhaps, is satisfactory. Intestinal anti- sepsis, by whatever means attempted, including acetezone and silver salts, is most untrustworthy. It is at least probable that the remedies used for the antisepsis do harm. The method of securing from the comma bacili a product that may counter- act purchase albenza the cardiac depressing poison of the disease,^ as explained by the accomplished director of the biol- ogical laborator}'. offers a ground for hope, more rational than any other curative method with which the writer is acquainted. 5. In conclusion : While cholera is perhaps order albenza online the second greatest epidemic scourge can i get albendazole over the counter known to man, it is one that buy albenza may be controlled and confined, if not mebendazole albendazole over counter 234 CARTER: STATE MEDICINE. [ New Yobk Medical Jouknal. removed, by wise legislation and authority, by the education of albenza tablets the people in sanitation and hygiene, and by spreading abroad a knowledge of the neces- sity of using boiled water and hot buy albenza online cooked food.

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