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while the ligament is being pulled upon. A Cleveland ligature no prescription abilify is made to pierce the in- ternal oblique and passed below Poupart's liga- ment in the same manner as sutures are inserted in a herniotomy, with the exception that the round ligament is used as a continuous suture (see Annals of Surgery, Vol. XXIV, page 702). Thus the inguinal canal is closed, using the round ligament as a continuous suture. Each order generic abilify puncture through the internal oblique is buy abilify 5mg online fixed with a i;ne- dium catgut suture. The aponeurosis and fascia are sewed separately with continuous fine catgut. The skin is sewed with silk worm gut. There is hardly a condition from which women suffer which is so amenable to treatment as re- trodisplacement and prolapse, and that with prac- tically no danger. The writer therefore heartily endorses this method which has given such satis- faction, and he believes that after an impartial trial of the Abbe method, it would soon displace all the other methods. 650 SHEKIVANA: CEREBROSPINAL MENINGITIS. CEREBROSPINAL MENINGITIS IN CATTLE. By PAUL SHEKWANA, IOWA CITY, lA., BACTERIOLOGIST OF THE IOWA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH. The object of this article is to draw the atten- tion of the medical profession as to the possible sources from which cerebrospinal meningitis may spread. Until very recently it was abilify mg size believed by all that this disease occurred only in man. Late- ly, however, a few cases have been recorded by the Minnesota State Board of Health which show that buy generic abilify online it occurs in cattle also. On February 20, 1905, Dr. H. E. Talbot, of Des Moines, submitted the brains of two cattle to be examined at the laboratory of the Iowa State Board of Health in Iowa City. This gen- tleman stated that a number of cattle had been dying in the neighborhood of Colfax of an epi- demic of a perplexing disease, which he thought to be some form of meningitis. He wanted to know if it was infectious or contagious. Pro- fessor H. Albert, the director of the laboratory, and the writer inoculated a rabbit under the dura mater with i c.c. of an emulsion made from the two brains. The animal died after thirty-six hours, showing before death and at the post mor- tem examination all the signs and symptoms of cerebrospinal meningitis, retraction of the head, thrombosis of the blood vessels, softening of the brain, and abilify mg exudate about the meninges, etc. The microscopical and cultural examinations also proved it to be the disease in question. The slide preparations from both buy abilify online the original brains and from the brain of the rabbit inoculated by us showed a great number order abilify no prescription of diplococcus intracellu- laris meningitidis, some within and some outside buy abilify online no prescription the cells. From this case and those examined by the Min- nesota Board of Health, it is evident that the dis- ease is much more widely distributed than it was at first supposed to be. Therefore it becomes a subject of the greatest importance and interest to all medical men abilify prescription program as well as to the public in gen- eral to know the sources from which the disease may spread and thus to guard abilify order canada against infection from it. We know for certain that cerebrospinal menin- gitis can i buy abilify online is an infectious disease, occurring generally in epidemics in man ; abilify prescription coupon but now we have reasons to believe that it occurs in cattle as well. Whether man infects cattle, or cattle infect man, it cannot be definitely said, but certain it is abilify order online that the dis- buy 20 mg abilify online ease attacks both animals. From this fact it can be reasonably inferred that one mammal infects the other and vice versa. The buy abilify online canada question then arises: Is it not buy 2mg abilify online quite pos- sible that cattle have been the source of infection in some of the order abilify online canada epidemics occurring in man? In cerebrospinal meningitis there is usually a dis- charge from the can you buy abilify online nose, and this discharge contains diplococcus intracellularis meningitidis, and thus becomes the principal source of infection. On account of this great danger, care should there- fore be taken by all those who come in contact with cattle suffering from the disease.

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